Newbie, and not quite used to blowing bubbles....

technicaly i’ve been a member for about a week now, but as you can see by the gallery its got a big load of sqat in it…
Im in the process of rescanning/ re-editing my work(s) so they can be uploaded and be at print quality for here, and i cant figure it out quite yet.
yeah i know its probably really easy to quickly change the specs in photoshop blah, blah, blah… but i didn’t pay too much attention in computer graphic skills, that an i have the abiltiy to retain info like a dry sponge… so its gunna take a while.
And add to the fact that i have to re-boot my mac.
i wish i had a lil monkey that could do all this junk for me, and make me coffee.
if only……..

after spending the last hour re-scaning, editing and uploading an image, its my educated opinion that theres a 35 year old guy called jeff sitting a dark, musty basement somewhere (possibly 30km south east of Dubbo) and he dcideds if your work fits the ratios or not…..
damn you jeff !!!!

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