Seasons Change

Hi Bubblers!
I have been so aware of the quiet excitement of bubblers in the northern hemisphere over the promise of spring! You have had a pretty long winter, and it is obvious that a lot of you are impatient for it to end!
Well, spare a small though for us bubblers here in Aussie! We are on the brink of winter (although at the moment we are enjoying the wonderful colours of autumn). Now I KNOW we don’t suffer the devastating cold that you do, but some of us shrink from the gloom of dark cloudy days and piercing southerly winds!! And while the only wild life that hibernates here are the snakes, my energy levels seem to be insisting that I should prepare for hibernation!!
Don’t think that I’m jealous (although maybe there is a tinge of envy), I really am delighted that the crocuses are lifting their sweet little heads to sniff out the weather, and that soon all of the early bulbs will be splashing colour over the palettes of you lives. And those special tints of new green will soon be gracing the winter roughened trees!
And what about the exquisite scents of blossoms wafting out to enchant the bees?
Ah, northern bubblers, what other season promises mankind so much?
Changed my mind! I am VERY VERY jealous!!!

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