I read a journal entry today by a bubbler who was having a wonderful time with her RB addiction….I reckon we can all relate to that!!
Since April this year I have been a fellow addict, but suddenly this addiction has mutated to something that is stronger and more intrusive in my life!
I volunteered to help as a group co-moderator a couple of months ago,and (wait for it!!) have found another level of bubbling that has taken my addiction to a much higher level!!!!!!!!!!!!
Problem is, I don’t get much time to paint, create, fiddle or do any other of the previous bits of my obsession! AND , WORST OF ALL, I AM HAVING WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS because I seem to be losing touch with the other groups I belong to, and I miss talking with my dear friends throughout RB.
So…this journal entry is just to report in, and to promise that I will really try to look at your work. And when I eventually get back to creating again, I will truly value your comments.
Many, many hugs dear friends!!!!

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