I feel so guilty – I have a lovely camera and some great ideas but I have been unable to create anything thats worthy ( in my humble opinion). I have taken some ok photo’s to learn how to use the camera and practise different things but I just cannot capture the shots I want direct from the camera and have still not mastered photoshop. Its hard to know what personal standard to set for your shots and with so much excellent material from some very talented photographers on redbubble – its a little daunting. There are so many things to learn and I really still havent mastered how to relax and just take a slow walk around ( I still go at a hundred miles an hour) and of course miss all the good shots. – Perhaps I need to slow down and absorb life a little more and take time for me.

Is there such a thing as photographers block or am I just lazy?

Well I will set a goal to spend more SLOW time for me and see what I can produce.

Cheers all – and keep up the awesome inspiring photo’s I enjoy looking at so very much…..


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