Hans Bax

Gouda, Netherlands

WELCOME! / Thank you for making the effort to take a look at my photos. Your visit is very much appreciated! / Photography is my passion...

My 1000th Top Ten Placement.... WOW! Thank you folks!!!

Hi Folks,

I am active on RB for more than 3 years now . And I enjoy it still very much.
Your reactions and comments are always very encouraging and very much appreciated!
And due to your votes on my pictures in the challenges, I got my 1000th top ten placement on September the 8th 2012:

Click image to view, please! Thank you!

Thank you very much Folks! I’m so very pleased!!!

And thank you very much too for your votes in last months!
In the period from 25 July until 8 September 2012 I finished 50 times into the top ten, because of your votes! Thank you once again!

‘These are the results….(^_*)’:
Click images to view, please! Thank you!

Have a wonderful day/evening and take care!
Kind regards,

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