eight legendary amulets (not finished yet)

Long ago there were eight mystic amulets. The amulets where said to be able to turn ordinary people into ancient mystic creatures, but about ten thousand years ago all the amulets just vanished and terror left this world. Then one day a young couple came across the first two amulets, Ben the male in the relationship pick the red amulet up and said wow this is amazing Windi the female in the relationship found the black amulet and she said this is cool. They put the amulets on and all of a sudden their skin started to change colors Ben’s from white to blood red and Windi’s from white to shadow night black. There fingers got really long and sharp Ben got more muscular, and windi got more beautiful. But there eye’s where the scariest part Ben’s eyes turned a shadow night black color, and windi’s eyes turned a blood red color.

They took the amulets off and windi looked more beautiful then she ever had before her eyes were a bright blue, her hair a beautiful shade of black her skin looked to be as soft as a baby’s skin she was all around beautiful. Ben got more muscular and they both liked the improvements and destruction of all of there flaws. Ben went up to windi and said that she looked so perfectly beautiful; windi said that Ben looked even more perfect then he did before. They took the amulets and put them in their pockets. Then Ben and windi started walking again. All of a sudden there was this huge crash and a monster the size of a medium size house appeared in front of them and ordered them to give up their amulets or it would kill them. Ben said No and put on the amulet without thinking and then charged at the monster at the speed of sound jumped and kicked the monster in the forehead and sent it flying. Ben then started to chase after it and kicked the monster again while in mid flight and sent him straight into the ground and snapped the monsters neck instantly. Ben went back to windi and took off the amulet and told her he loved her.

Windi asked Ben what that was and how did he know he could beat it. Ben said I have know idea what that was and I actually didn’t think I would beat it but I fought to protect you from it cause I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you I would probably just give up and die if you where ever killed so I will never stop fighting to protect you. Then they went back to windi’s house and they went and told her parents what had happened in the park when they where walking. Then Ben went home and told her that he would be back soon. Ben gave windi a kiss and then left. That night while Ben was asleep a monster rose up out side his house and this one was even bigger then the first one. The monster roared I want your amulet or perish a slow painful death. Before Ben could even grab his amulet two other mystic creatures appeared and slaughtered the creature.

Ben sat up put on his amulet and went out side to see who saved him. The two creatures where standing there as he walked out of his house waving at him to come over and see them. The two creatures where none other then his and windi’s two best friends and a couple to be exact there names where Dj and Shelby they told Ben how they got there amulets and everything. Ben asked if windi new about them having amulets also. Dj said yes she knows a different creature attacked her tonight also. Ben panicked and asked if she was ok. Dj said yes Ben she is fine and the best that went after he wasn’t even half the size of this one so she took care of it right quick. Ben was relieved to her she took down her first creature and that she was ok. Ben asked how you guys got wings. Dj said we all have them and we just have to learn to find the true power of these amulets I feel like something extremely big has fallen into our hands cause I read something about these amulets once in a book there are supposed to be four more amulets and they only fall to couples that truly love each other..

The next day Ben took out his 1971 Chevy chevelle SS and went and picked up windi and Shelby from Shelby’s house. Then they went and picked up Dj from his house Ben then asked Dj if he liked organized racing. Dj said yes he loved it but I don’t have my license or a car that can be raced. Well scratch that then Ben said. You guys want to go watch me and my team race then Ben said. Windi started to bounce up and down in the seat and said yes please Ben Dj and Shelby said yeah lets see you race then. Who is on your team Ben Dj asked. You will know them already if you see them.

Ben dropped by his car garage and picked up four more cars. The cars Ben chose where already in there trailers. Dj asked Ben how do you know what cars you are using Ben. Ben replied my team has never chosen me bad cars. All of a sudden three cars pull into the garage a dodge viper, a corvette Zo9, and a ford GT. The cars park turn off there engines and open there doors and out stepped three people while windi was hooking up the first trailer the three other people hooked up the other three trailers to there cars. Then they came over to Ben’s car and said what’s up dudes. Dj was confused on who they where so Ben told them to take off there helmets the first one to was Ben’s younger brother matt, the second was Ben’s other brother bobby, and the last one was Ben’s younger brother Billy. Dj was amazed that Ben had three of the best racers in the state or world on his team racing for him. Ben told them we are going to be late if we don’t leave now team lets move out. Then they all left to go to the races each pulling a trailer.

Half and hour later they arrived at the race site where the races are being held they went to Ben’s personal garage and parked the trailers inside of them. Then Ben went to his trailer and opened the door to reveille his grip car a 1967 Shelby GT 500 mustang. Bobby went to his trailer to open the door and reveille Ben’s 1969 dodge charger as his drag car. Matt went to his trailer and opened the door to reveille Ben’s speed car a 1970 ford mustang. And finally Billy went to his trailer to reveille Ben’s drift car a 1981 Chevy camero. Dj was absolutely amazed by bens choice of cars. Ben told Dj that each of these muscle cars could take down a Lamborghini with ease and none of them would sell for less then half a million dollars. Dj fainted cause of how much power and cost was in each of these cars. All of a sudden the sirens went and blasted a voice that said the first drag race is about to begin.

Ben pulled out his dodge charger and went to the strip to line up with his opponent. Dj woke up and followed windi to Ben’s chevelle and followed him. Billy, bobby, and matt all closed up the garage and took there cars to the strip to race as well. Ben was up against this racer named ryo driving a dodge challenger. The tree turned green and Ben exploded out of the start and was finished with the thirteen twenty in 8.96 seconds. The second heat came around and Ben again exploded out of the start on the green and was down in 8.75 seconds this time. The final heat came around and Ben still exploded out of the start on the green and was finished in 8.5 seconds. Ben had won the race windi went to congratulate him on setting a new record for the track. Ben then handed her about thirty thousand dollars in hard cash. Then they drove back to the garage after the four of the team was done. Then the announcer called for the speed race to get ready to begin.

Ben got out his 1970 ford mustang and drove to the starting line after he told windi to take them to the finish line and watch from there on the TV they have up. Windi took Shelby and Dj to the finish line but as they were driving there Dj asked windi if she was scared for Ben to race. Windi said do you think I do Dj I’m pregnant and Ben does not even know that because I don’t want him to lose concentration and crash or something. But after today I’m going to tell him and he can still race up to a month before are baby is born because we need the money.

But there are three speed races each worth one hundred thousand dollars, two more drag races each worth thirty thousand dollars, three drift races each worth twenty five thousand dollars, and five grip races each worth forty thousand dollars. He can race during the day after the baby is born or he can quit for a while it’s up to him not me this time. They had got to the finish right before it started and they watched Ben pull ahead and just dominate the race. By the end of the day Ben had won every race he was in. Ben packed up his cars and drove Dj back home and Shelby also but when Windi and Ben where parked in her drive way she told him she was about two weeks pregnant. Ben dropped her off after kissing her good-night and went back to his house and called up his brothers and told them to get over hear and lets have a party tonight cause I’m going to be a daddy now. While windi was asleep a mystic creature appeared at her door and told her two more amulets where discovered but he didn’t know there names yet.

eight legendary amulets (not finished yet)


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this is not yet finished if you tune in every week or week end you will find out more about the story suspense is it not!

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