Unauthorized Game Plan- Chapter 2).

Class had finished up hours ago and still Nikki was curious by the older gentlemen she’d met early that day.
Studying alone in the library trying to write her latest report, her least favourite subject, Social Science.

She rummaged through her bag, a green satchel filled with innate objects, pulling her pencil case out from her bag, she noticed the man’s card laying atop of the case. It was a white card with bolded black writing, his name Mr. Andrew Falcheck , at the bottom it resided his contact number.

It wasn’t a giveaway at all to what all the intrigue was about. She tucked the card into her left jean pocket and put the thought of the man aside.

Later in the afternoon reaching 5 o’clock, Amy found Nikki hibernating at the back if the student library on campus.

“Hi” Amy chanted placing her books down on the table in a loud manner, the librarian an older Kay with curly black licks and beady eyes hiding behind glasses pushed to her lips a hush symbol.

Nikki softly mouths a sorry.
Amy starts going on about how she has this amazing party co
Ing up on Saturday, while Nikki is completely trying to zone her out and concentrate on her report.

“Nikki. Earth to Nikki” Amy spouts in a harsher but softer tone.

“What, Amy? Can’t you see I’m studying” Nikki says relentlessly. She knows in total coolness, Amy wasn’t going to let up being annoying.

“Calm down, girl. I’m just trying to fill you in” Amy spikes, tapping her wayward fake acrylic nails on the table in sequence.

“You have two minutes to talk, then you leave” Nikki exacerbates instructing Amy.

Amy willfully nods her head in compliance and Nikki gives a half hearted smile.

“Well, you see. Saturday night is the party at Rob Hunters house, he’s asked me to go and has asked if you’ll be there?” Amy informs Nikki giving a wink.

“Why’d he care if I was going, Ames” Nikki retorted puzzled.

" Well, I just heard on the grapevine, but his friend, number 15 of the Austin Clashers ivy league basketball team, Foster Hamilton is into you" Amy says tearing from the seams.

Then with a glare the librarian musters a warning look towards the table, Amy turns her nose up, while Nikki again mouths apologies.

“Amy, I’m not interested. I won’t be going. Now Good-bye” Nikki rehashes her less than interested tone, she swats Amy away with her hands.

“Ok, but you’ll be missing out in one totally awesome party and a handsome stud like Foster. Maybe I’ll keep him for myself” Amy says with a teasing manner, she rises from her seat selects her books picking them from the table.

“Bye” Nikki mumbles as she pretends to not notice any more of Amy’s nonsense chatter before she says a good-bye and leaves in a scurry.

It was typical for Any to act this way. She was always very popular, though Nikki had only known her for a short while, sometimes thinking nine months was too long, but with an impartial thought like that, she hesitated to judge her so quickly. She knows that she still has an ample of at least another two years to put up with her.

Nikki loved Amy. She loved her popularity, her angelic behavior and naive ways, but most of all, Nikki loved how she was so smart and yet so clueless at the very same time.

Not being able to cram anymore words about the ‘displeasures of current modern post prolific times’ in her current report. Nikki packed her books into her sachel and left for her dorm.

Reaching her dorm in under fifteen minutes, she’d beaten her last time record of twenty minutes. She walked through her lounge-room where Gracelyn was in an intense conversation with sounded like to be with her overprotective father. 

Gracelyn came from a rather strict upbringing and from that stemmed a rather not so rigid girl, she’d found a whole new release on life moving to on campus living.

Flinging the door wide open to the joining door that exited into their shared bedroom, Nikki was greeted by Amy who was none other than selecting her latest skimpy outfit to wear to her latest date.

“So who’s the lucky guy this time?” Nikki asked, she didn’t really care, but to just be polite she asked anyway, she tried to sound genuine.

“Nobody you’d know” Amy replied being less vocal about her dates. 

Nikki didn’t bother to ask any more. She placed her bag to the ground at the end of her bed, directly across from Amy’s who’d laid out several outfits onto her bed and admiring them.

“Which do you like better?” Amy asked in a less cocky tone.

Nikki walked over to visualize each if the three outfits she’d chosen. The first was a short middy black dress with a white cotton cardigan and plain black heels, the second were a blue multi layered flapper dress that was ardently longer than her first choice, and it was accompanied with a black jacket and flat laced up sandals, while the third was a red pants suit and pairing with a canary yellow frilly top with blueberry heeled shoes. All three quite nice and familiar to Amy’s wardrobe and unique persona.

“I’d go with choice number three” Nikki chimed with a bounce in her step pelt walking to sit onto her own bed.

“Thanks, I’ll wear the black dress” Amy smiled and snatched her dress from her bed and scurried into the bathroom.

Rolling her eyes in complete annoyance, Nikki laid back onto her bed.

Gracelyn soon after entered their bedroom. She seemed rather upset wearing a noticeable frown upon her usual ‘Im cool’ look.

“What’s wrong with you?” Nikki asked, trying to remain sympathetic.

“Nothing” Gracelyn said with a shrug and went to curl up in top of her bed. 

Nikki walked over and sat beside her on her bed. She rested her hand onto Gracelyn’s exposed shoulder.

“Are you ok?” Nikki repeated with more care in her voice.

“Nik, I’m fine. Really” Gracelyn spoke in a soft whisper.

“You’re not alright,Gracie. You’re upset, so talk to me” Nikki said trying for a third time to be a half descent friend.

“Nik, ok. I’ll tell you. My father just told me he’s divorcing my mum” Gracelyn spilled crying into her pillow.

“I’m so sorry,Grace. Can I do anything for you?” Nikki asked leaning into Gracelyn and planting a sympathetic feathery lite peck to her cheek.

“Thank you, Nik, but there’s nothing anyone can do” Gracelyn again repeated with more depth to her words in the conversation.

Nikki sat with Gracelyn for a while until she fell asleep.
In those moments while she sat and watched Gracelyn sleep, she reflected on her own families disruptions. Having grown up in the foster care system, it was always the unlikely of kinds to be sitting right there in a dorm. Nikki was always praised by her a many esteemed case workers on how proud they are for her efforts.

It clouded her thoughts a little too much, shaking the images in her head she rose from the bed and went into the lounge-room. She sat down onto the small cushioned grey sofa and switched on the tv. There wasn’t a lot on for a Thursday night, but watching intently to a program that was about bewilder beasts, it slightly was interesting to Nikki who was hoping to major in Animal Science.

After a while Amy came out of the bathroom that seemed like it was a good fifty minutes, a world record for her, Nikki thought.

Amy was dressed somewhat in her cliche’d little black dress, her hair was neatly pinned back with a few curls to the front and an astounding heap of make-up. She soon left with an air kiss followed by a ‘Ciao’.

Nikki felt relieved that all the drama was over for one night, Gracelyn would stay asleep after having a wild night with a neighboring dorm of boys, misfits they were generally known as. 

Having watched animal show after animal show, it was getting to be a little too repetitive for Nikki’s taste, and so therefore she went to look at a pile of DVDs that were nearing the left if the tv. In a long free standing black bookcase, Nikki looked over them until she found one suitable for her viewing please, ‘Dirty Dancing’, a classic, Nikki smiled.

She placed the DVD into the player and hit play once it had loaded. She wasn’t hungry though it had crept up on her, 8 o’ clock already Nikki yawned into a clenched rift fist, fixing herself on the sofa once again and fixating on Patrick Swayze.

Once the movie was over, Nikki rose to her feet switched off the lights and went to bed. She pulled the mysterious man’s card from her pocket, remembering it was there after nearly tossing her jeans aside ready to be put into the washing heap.

Nikki didn’t know what it was all about or why her sudden interest in the man or the card, she stuffed the card into her top draw and didn’t have it cross her mind again.

A week has surpassed and Nikki’s report was graded, she’d passed with ten points more than she needed, but she was now happy as a guaranteed spot she was up for grabs for the Animal Science major classes. Nikki was humble, but yet amazed at herself at how well she’d done.

To treat herself for all the good she’d done, she had made a pack with the girls to go back to the bar and drink until they could Bo longer stand.

That night at the bar, Nikki dressed this time in her more comfortable attire- black jeans, navy tank top and leather black jacket fixed with Nike white runners, she felt a lot better than her last visit.

Having knocked back a couple of vodka shots and downed a few beers, her dizzy spell was back and yet again no friends to help her were even insight.

Back at the dorm as Nikki had once again managed to walk there without any trouble, she stumbled into bed fully clothed, noticing the read flashing click, it read 3 am.

Not able to collect much of her rationale thoughts, Nikki sat up and reached for mobile beside her bed in her purse, taking it from her purse to hand. 

She opened her top drawer and selected the white card with the bold black writing and goalies the number given.

A voice modestly spoke from the other end in a rather cautious tone.

“Hello, who is this?” it asked of a rather frank older man asked.

“It’s my, Nik-key” she beamed with a touch of a slur before she passed out leaving the phone conversation blank and a curious voice melancholy questioning in a gruff tone on the other end. 

Unauthorized Game Plan- Chapter 2).


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