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Freedom to Express, Many Thanks.

I used to not be able to write short stories as well as I have been with more practice. I am feeling more confident within my own ability, that at times I mask behind a window, but now I know there’s a door.
I treasure all my new found bonds with rb’ers here who come and help me to appreciate life and words that I so much as blink without a second glimpse or thought at the beauty that is around me.

I have come and gone on this site since 2009, and this time I feel rather sat isfied to now have a few regular readers of my work. I do appreciate you all who take the time to read my writes and leave a comment.

I am even more thankful to a certain rb’er here, him who I will refrain from naming, but he has somehow become blessing in my rb life and he’s given me much to think about. He corresponds regularly and we challenge one another which I am thankful for, as without him and his wonderfully gracious support, I am not sure if I’d really push myself to creatively try to write short stories as I have recently really been getting into. I love it, and I don’t know why I ever really sat that aside from my fingertips and the many lonesome characters who dweel inside myself.

But here I thankyou all for such a wonderful warm support place where I can feel free to roam,read and express.


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