PLEASE BE SEATED : Chapter Twelve

Finally she sat she had nervously anticipated a real date since Dario had delivered his final insulting blow.

Dillon has a meeting and had to meet her at the restaurant, he was early and sat waiting calmly the consummate gentleman he almost fell over himself to get up and greet her. She was finally seated next to him rather than across the table from him t the booth in the basement diner was perfect with the lighting music and ambiance being spot on. She smiled brightly back at him…he – the stranger that had come to mean so much to her. Her mind gushed with scenarios…what to say, how attentive she should or shouldn’t be, this had been a long time coming and now suddenly it was here finally a real not impromptu date. Trying with every nerve and fiber to look relaxed and at ease, she was so tense she felt as if even her hair had become brittle. Don’t speak don’t say anything ridiculous

With Menus in hand slowly but surely their conversation unfolded and much to her delight he prone to over compensating in the verbal department when in a squeeze. This allowed her time to view him as if removed from the conversation, watching him she couldn’t help coming back to the scar above his lip, it curled when he smiled with the most delightful hint of tension – scar tissue can be unyeilding in such a delightful way. Losing track of what he was saying Lil thought to run her tongue along it curling up and into his mouth to see if the slash had gone right though. Imagining the feeling made her insides flinch and clench, squirming in her seat now Lily was trying to suppress an incredible grin threatening to burst across her face, biting her lip she reengaged with the topic at hand.

Adjusting her cutlery nervously she caught him eyeing her hand, he reached slowly and placed his hand on hers, embarrassed by the show of intimacy she bowed her head, squeezing his fingers gently in response, she felt her cheeks blush and just as she was begging to wish these tenuous moments would be over her took chin in his finger tips and and tilted her face to his, closing her eyes she surrendered to his kiss. For months she wondered how this might feel, he held her face in his hands his mouth pulling and sucking at her lips all her defenses fell away. She wanted him. she wanted to taste all of him and taste the salty residue in her mouth. Bringing herself back to the moment she withdrew from the kiss and stared lucidly into his face, her mind beginning to question what am I doing here? Fighting the grip of impending fear doubt she began to stammer and speak…‘But I, uh we…’. His tone was soft and his breath warm as he spoke almost into her mouth “Lily shhhh…shhh” an unsaid agreement flowed between them.

After a long and ridiculously good evening together she was surprised to find she was almost in a hurry to now enact what they has spent months dancing around.

They barely made it into the hall. She would have been happy to do it in the hall…but the bed was fine.

Waking the following morning with out her boys was a start…but she did have the whole bed, stretching out where Dillon had once been. It was not great sex but it was soft and loving – he was gentle…perhaps things might improve.

She should have known.

Gingerly after a quick peep in the mirror and tidy up she dare not shower there and she was feeling uneasy for some reason, she ventured out into the immaculate space .

It was very apparent he was not delighted to see her, full Lycra head to foot…space bike helmet and foot tapping. I was going to leave at eight! Lil was stunned. She scanned for a clock the oven display read 8.27am was this a joke? It has to be she began to smile.

‘Do you have everything?’ she was ushered out the door with no effort to be polite. He was speeding away before she turned the key in the ignition.

Lil sobbed all the way home.

PLEASE BE SEATED : Chapter Twelve

Dash Ette

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After a long and ridiculously good evening together she was surprised to find she was almost in a hurry to now enact what they has spent months dancing around.

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