GLORIFIED WHAT? : Chapter Seven

The drive home was an interesting one, even before she had pulled out of the parking bay a sea of scenarios swelled inside her head. Go for the facts…she thought. “So can I ask what you do for work?” A nice clean dry straight forward question, designed to keep her straying mind on track. A musky body smell hung in the air, it was their combined perspiration, her deodorant and a trace of his cologne, it mad her heart race, something instinctual about it. Most people were odorous she thought, his smell made her want to lick the salt from his skin. Noticing the hair on his forearms and tone of his skin made her even more nervous. Was it just her that had these strange fascinations and standards, no one she knew fell for the hair on a mans arm. Fighting the self loathing that tapped her on the shoulder like a bad conscience she decided to trust her instinct her desire; his face was turned away from her, Chiara eyed his almost bare body. Not much to complain about there… she thought. Biting her lip she tried not to think of his hard thighs with honeyed skin rubbing against the inside of her smooth pale thighs. Passing some coins to the parking attendant in his booth she thanked goodness a device for reading minds had not been invented yet.

Driving him home she found out he was an ‘Automotive Restorative Specialist’ Glorified Panel Beater! She thought sardonically, but much to her delight she found he restored vintage cars and had a penchant for English racing cars. Impressed she tried hard not to sound like a complete wank’ when she admitted an appreciation bordering on passion for vintage vehicles, not suped up and altered – original vintage. Her ideal car was a ridiculous yank tank the opposite of today’s ‘smart car’. These things were sex on wheels, long, lean, detailed and gleaming. Yet here she was driving him home in an A typical mothers car, the family sedan, booster seat, toys and all.

“Would it be alright if we went to work instead, I just remembered I need to pick up my keys, one of the guys might be able to drive me home from there?” His was mumbling somewhat due to the bandage plastered to his top lip. “No problem” Chiara just could suppress her grin. This is starting to feel like fun. Darting in and out of the familiar narrow streets of North Carlton another thought crossed her mind…What the hell am I doing?

“Here Chiara just pull into the drive way” he gestured. TANNER MOTORS was emblazoned across the double fronted clinker brick building in huge rusted metal letters; wrought iron scrolls provided the frame work. There were two large archways in front of each adjoining building and a door above each arch one still had a large pulley; hinting at old stables. She pulled into the driveway, the workers were all in clean navy uniforms, no overalls, and the office area was of further surprise neat and tidy. There were the obligatory before and after brag walls, she spotted a Turquoise Sunbeam Alpine and a beautiful White 1968 Humber Vogue, no traces of old junk food or calendars sporting huge jugs and barely hidden former pubic regions, no ashtray overflowing with filth, no greasy smears and no old daggy desk accessories circa 1980. Quickly she scanned for photos of wife and or kids, none thus far. He then ushered her through the main office through another door and into his office. “Just grab a seat here and I’ll be back soon” he said as he dashed off. This was obviously his inner sanctum, taking a seat she took it all in. She was impressed by the white Wassily chair – everyone that had one had a black one, , she had had a white one too, David hated it, one day she got home and it was broken in the back yard “It was shit anyway” was his only remark.

There was very large happy looking Yucca leaning towards the sun near the window, the mahogany desk was definitely art deco, grand and majestic early 1930’s at a guess, behind it was a large Balinese book case with books in it! Not a TV insight, a jewel colored Persian rug pulled the whole look together and picked up on the sage colour of the walls. A large ruby glass bowl dominated his desk, perfectly placed below a down light it was filled with small chrome objects, picking at one she realized they were hood ornaments and decals, there was even a Mack truck Bulldog in there and a Silver Lady, they had been hand polished making for a dazzling display . Clasping her hands together she sat and smiled. It was a good day indeed – this beats mopping hands down.

Her smug introspection was cut short suddenly “Sorry I took so long, look I was going to ask one of the guys to drop me home but they are flat out so if you don’t mind…? He grinned and as he did his grey eyes sparkled, his flirtation was abruptly halted by a painful wince, he had forgotten about the stitches in his lip. “Aww shit, excuse me, sorry I didn’t mean to swear I just, oh bugger” Holding his mouth he walked to the other side of the desk and reached into the top draw locating some painkillers and gulped them down with a glass of water poured from a jug on the table top. There was actually a silver tray with six clean glasses and a water jug.

This just can’t be possible, this is no good at all he must be flawed, he must have some serious issues, or addictions I don’t know about yet, anyway no straight man has taste like this – he must be gay .For goodness sake no plastic – where has this man been all my life? I married an aesthetically barren material man whose idea of an antique was a miniature statue of David.

“Are you alright” she was a little concerned, he nodded as he swallowed “ Yep sorry I wont keep you much longer, my place isn’t far from here” She sensed his slight humiliation and decided to take control…”Lets get going then”

Within minutes they were at the front of his home. It was awkward; like a bad date. “Well thanks for everything, if you ever need a hand or a favor done I sure owe you one” he went to climb out the car and hesitated. “Wait here for a moment okay?” He dashed off into the house and returned brandishing a business card. “Here are my numbers you know where to find me, don’t be shy, I’ll see you ‘round, maybe at the café, take care Taa Chiara” Driving away she could see him waving from the nature strip. ‘Taa’ she loved it that always reminded her of when she was a kid ‘Taa’. Driving home she wished she could turn around and spend another hour or two with him just talking and getting to know him, he seemed like the first sincere person she had met in years. His presence lingered with her – she took the long way home.

GLORIFIED WHAT? : Chapter Seven

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