A Family Day

we slept most of the day away. I wanted to forget the past 12 hours and finally move into a new day. Unfortunately that isn’t how time works. I consider time a male. He teases and taunts my patience. Always stringing me along moment by moment. Waiting for that sacrificial moment to strike me down and curse the air I breathe. Time really didn’t need to do this damage today. I was doing it to myself. Last night I broke. I broke the dam, I broke the solace, I broke myself. Just a little bit more of that fearsome loathing. it was a moment of despair, guilt, loss and destruction. Maybe two weeks is too long. Maybe. That piece of my brain even feels heavy now. Laden with negativity, fear.

Aadays tisai aadays

time will hurt me
time will heal me
time will fold me

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