Is HDR ruining photography?

Found this on another site it is very interesting, the writter is Dave

Hi all,

I ask the question, Is HDR ruining photography? Not as a gripe or any dislike of HDR, in fact I am quite sold on HDR, if not fully addicted to it, and that is the problem.

Where once I took images in sinlge shots, now I always take three, just so I have the option of HDR processing them if I want to.

Why not combine the two methods I hear you say, but what if I get a single shot that I am pleased with, but yet at the back of my mind I know it would have been so much better with HDR. Where once I was happy, now I am not so happy.

Make three shots from one RAW then, but again, not as good as the full dynamic range available from three shots, so again, less happy.

So now I go on holiday and instead rattling off a couple of thousand shots over a two week period, I take six thousand shots. More kit, more storage, more expense, more effort. Again less happy.

I used to hand hold prety much all the images I took, what with L lenses and IS, I could do this very well, HDR now means I have to lug a tripod around all the time, with angle viewfinder and cable release etc etc.. More expense, more kit, less happy.

Every picture I take now has good light distributed all the way through it thanks to HDR and I love it, but all my previous pictures that I had taken on expensive holidays abroad and that I was once felt proud of and will never get the chance to visit again, now don’t seem as good as I once thought they did, and have been consigned to the back of the hard disk. Less happy.

Oh and this goes without saying about the blooming, or cartoony effects over processing images can produce, or the RSI I get from selecting and aligning images into HDR pictures, or the wife berating me and saying why don’t I marry that damn computer, you spend so much time hunched over in front of it. Less happy.

But every now and then, an HDR image appears on my screen that blows me away and I think, wow! I took that.

So yes I am totally addicted to HDR, and wish it had never been invented.


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