No Monday blues here! Woke up to a feature :D!!!!

If every Monday would start like this – I may wake up to the new week with a bit more enthusiasm:

“Monday Blues” got featured by the Caption Fun Group

Thank you guys, gals!!!!…and before I forget – yeeeehawwwwww!!!!!!. Congrats also to my sweet friends Gloria Abbey and Larry Trupp , who got featured on the same day by the same group! I tell ya, that was a heck-uf-a-happy-dance we did together this morning (sorry, no pix of that, LOL, the papparazzi was still asleep)…

I am so happy I “borrowed” this li’l puppy, his alter-ego (in a galaxy far, far, away.. ,) got featured yesterday by the APBT group! .

So next thing I’ll do is borrow a really expensive camera, like the Cannon 5D, and then I should probably borrow a real talented photographer to go with that really expensive camera…and there’ll be no stopping me…:D, :D…I know…time to wakey, wakey li’l gal :D…!!!!

Cheers All – and have a fantastic week!


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