Terminal Heartbreak

And that pain in the gut that could be cancer or could be heartbreak / But who the fuck knows? / You just bury it away with the rest of th…

Cool summer whiskey nights

Some pain whiskey just don’t fix

The Great Dark Cold

We were four young boys, when we went down to the great dark cold / the lake, the lake

A Tragic Moment of Clarity

And through it all for just this one brief moment in time when I come to my senses, and I see you for who you really are…

The Star Child

It was always you, they sing, / Chanting beams of light / That rain from your mouth / as brilliant as star bursts

A Shaving Kit And A Box Of Rounds- Part 3

They shared a long moment and the sizzling and popping of the stove and the cigarette smoke and the aftermath of words that hung in the air…

A Shaving Kit And A Box Of Rounds- Part 2

They passed in the hall and their eyes locked and drew into each others, and they both, unblinking, made a secret, silent promise, those ma…

A Shaving Kit And A Box Of Rounds- Part 1

Freddy finished his cigarette by crushing it against his boot sole, walked over to Jimmy, put the pistol to the back of his head and fired.

Blue Valentine

I called her baby / and I meant it / if that ain’t love I don’t know what is

The Two Bit Poet

He had all the talent in the world / Its just he chose the wrong heroes

The Saturday Night Special

No one knows just how it happened / All the witnesses are dead / In the room just smoke and violence / All the walls were sprayed with red

Nothing A Shot Of Whiskey Wouldn’t Fix

The pavement is washed with blood and urine and vomit / And probably tears, but you can’t smell sorrow

Poetry of the Streets

And the moon and the stars and the thunderous whine / Reminiscent of a funeral procession for a dead God

Another Day at the Office

Violence is never the answer. It is the question, and the answer is yes. Violence solves everything.


I knew what it was before I looked. In fact I didn’t want to look. Truth is, I was scared to look.

Collided Symphony

The streets were crowded carousels / Long winding rollercoaster screams

The Prisoner Inside

Love wears an anklet / The murderer, a smile

Chaotic and Free

Mad omens and strange hallucinations / Compete for my attention


Goddess statues sing her praise / Lamplight cradled in their hands

The Presence

As far as haunted houses go, this one’s up there.

Hungry (chapter 13)

I wake up in a puddle of blood. At this point I’m not sure if its mine or not. / When I look around me I am surrounded by bodies and for a …

Hungry (chapter 12)

The first thing I hear is Emily screaming. Its coming from behind the door, so at a guess, I’d say she’s found the priest. / I lumber up th…

Hungry (chapter 11)

I put my hand over her mouth. Don’t worry, I say, I won’t hurt you.

Dying, or something like it.

I’m tired of these slow moving hills / Coughs and splutters on the road home

hungry (chapter 10)

The pain in my stomach, the way it feels, it’s as if its eating itself. / I’ve been locked up here in the priest’s room for, what seems lik…

Hungry (chapter 8)

I’m banging on the door of the priest’s room and there is no answer. I’m pretty sure he is dead. I rattle the handle and its locked. From b…

Hungry (chapter 7)

The last of the Haley meat has just run out. The rest of her has been starting to decompose so we had to move our little campfire to the ot…

Hungry (chapter 6)

It’s a strange thing, eating someone you know. / We are all sitting around the fire, bellies full. All of us that is, except the priest. He…

Hungry (chapter 5)

“What you’re talking about is cannibalism.” / We are all looking at Haley’s body. The priest is wringing his hands, looking at us, his eyes…

Hungry (chapter 4)

One word to describe how we are all feeling would be, hungry. Another might be, hopeless. Still another might be, frightened. For me, perso…

Hungry (chapter 3)

It has been about three days since our food ran out. I only know this because I have rang the bell about six times. / Tony and Haley have …

Hungry (chapter 2)

In the encyclopedia, the term ‘Cabin Fever’ is listed as “a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and…

Hungry (chapter 1)

For some of us, the worst is behind us. For others its only the beginning.

The Priest


Ancient, Sacred

Wow, ain’t life a trip?

The Razor-Thin Moment

This is me dying. / In a moment it will all be over.

That’s How Lucky I Am

When I was young I had and accident, and it almost killed me. People told me how lucky I was.


Have you ever fallen in love with a word? / Spoken with a whispered charm

The Moment Your Heart Breaks

This is where time freezes. The calm before the bomb. In a moment your heart will break.


Now, as night peels back her eyelids / My dreams, unfulfilled / Seem like schoolyard bullies

5 Minutes til Midnight

I got high off her heroine kiss / And her lips, shackles / Enslaving me / Smooth and heavenly / Cursing me, saving me

Guilt’s Lament

My storm cloud eyes / Grey and swollen / Flash lightning

Only you

Desire eyes / seduction smile / then the world is a maelstrom / Leaving only you.

Children of the Stars

Cruel indigenous tortures / Creep sleepily / Through eerie shades of morning
Showdown by Wordslinger


Let me tell you about the tender goodbyes / Sounding like a long, heavy sigh


Its just like the time I was coming home, alone, walking that dark street. I was being watched for blocks, like now. Watched.

Despair, Love and Hard times

Let me tell you about despair / Nocturnal, batwing black / Smelling of cheap coffee and stale cigarettes

Sea Conspiracies

strange currents pull at my soul
Gansta Love by Wordslinger Gangsta Love by Wordslinger

Death Smiled

Her kiss is smooth liquid ambrosia / And rolls across my lips


We missed the good drugs man, instead inhaling ghosts / Getting high on yesterday’s spirits
The World is Yours by Wordslinger One man and his dog.... by Wordslinger

We, the lost

Tonight, we the lost, salute our dark and terrible tragedies we so adore

Wild Nights

Close friends, vodka nights
Ninja Moon by Wordslinger
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