New work

I sat down last night and drew a picture of a women. i was working on how to draw the human head.and when i was done with the sketching it turned out looking like a new friend that i had just met. i cannot decide yet as to what colors i am going to apply.This is going to be in oil(for preservation) and a real small paint brush for detailing. i never can say when i will be done.Smile!!! i think thaat’s my favorite tee-shirt.i sure enjoyed making that.Dimensional Music that another one of my favorites.i thought that might look good in every one’s own dimension.pick your dimension.Music is art.From mozark to moby to katy perry.soundtracts i love sound tract last of the mohicansis the best for three screaming kids in the back of the car.i took my daughter and two of her friends to town and on the way they were yelling.i put in the sound tract of the last of mohicans andeverything got real quiet they were just in owe over the music.these kids were 4-5 years old.lorrena mckennit is another good one.there is lots more to come feel free to reply. sue ann

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