New Camera!!

Hi everyone,

I just purchased my first ‘real’ camera, as i like to think. A Canon EOS 400D.
I went into WOW sight and sound yesterday to buy an external hardrive (redbubble pics take up so much space :p ) but i found it too hard to walk past the cameras they had on special.

My eye was caught instantly by a Canon as they were throwing in two lenses with every purchase. I had looked at this camera before and even seen a documentary that reviewed it on the ‘How To’ channel but i allways thought, nah i dont need it and its wayyyy too expensive for me. But with such a great special, how could i pass up the opportunity. I prefer to think of this not as an impulse-buy, i reckon it was plain old, inescapable fate.

As it was late in the afternoon and an evening out was allready planned i havent had much of a chance to play with it besides a few great pointers i got from Dennis Klau. I’m so excited to finish work today to go home and play with my new ‘toy’ that im about ready to say im sick and head home now!!!!!!!

I look forward to flooding my profile with some good pics now that i have a decent camera behind me. Hooooooorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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