The Shooter

‘Hey slut, what’re you doing? Still getting around with that poofta boyfriend? Why don’t you come over here and see a couple of real men, we’ll make you bloody squeal for it.’
‘Piss off, you fucking wankers, I’m not in the mood for your crap today.’
‘Hear that Johnny, poor little bitch’s got the rags on. Or maybe the boyfriend dumped her for a real man.’
Something in Shannon’s brain snapped, she turned and walked straight at the two hecklers. She reached into her handbag and felt for the gun that Jordan had given her. ‘Just fire a shot, that will scare the shit out all the dead heads.’
‘Well I’m going to scare more than the shit out of them today.’ She pulled the gun from her bag, switched the safety catch off, ‘remember the safety catch, not much good if can’t fire a shot’. She levelled the gun at Johnny and pulled the trigger, the gun bucked in her hand, she saw the disbelief in Johnny’s eyes as the bullet smashed into his chest, blood and flesh splattering everywhere. ‘You won’t give me shit again you little twerp.’
‘Christ,’ screamed Peter, ‘you mad slut, you’ve bloody shot him, what in the fuck… Put that gun down.’ Shannon now had the gun aimed at Peter. He could see the madness in her eyes, he tried to run, he slipped, a shot, he felt the pain, his back exploding, he tried to get up, run again, another shot, he was driven into the ground, warm liquid filled his mouth, then blackness, then nothing.
Shannon stood looking at the lads on the cement floor, blood forming little pools alongside their bodies. ‘That’s two pricks’ that won’t grow up to cause any more grief.’ She pointed the gun at an imaginary figure. ‘Pow, pow, come on lets hear from someone else’. Shannon stuffed the gun into her handbag, smiled to herself, turned and walked off.
‘Jordan, Jordan, come on get out of bed, it’s me. I need to talk to you.’ Shannon continued to pound on the door until she heard Jordan unlatching the chain. ‘Jeeze Jordan what were you doing?’
‘Come on Shannon, I told you not to come around at this time, you know I’ve just got home from my shift. What’s so important?’
Shannon didn’t wait for an invite, she pushed past Jordan. Not that she needed one, she spent more than half her life at Jordan’s house.
‘Come into the kitchen and get a cup of coffee,’ said Jordan
‘I got to have a pee, you make the coffee.’
‘Don’t go in the bathroom,’ he attempted to guide Shannon to the kitchen.
‘I’ve gotta p…, why what’s in the bathroom. She looked at Jordan, he never slept in his track suit pants and why the T-shirt. What was going on? Shannon glared at Jordan, ran to the bathroom and shoved the door open. Shannon turned her mouth open, her eyes wide in disbelief.
‘Its not what you think, honey. She just came home from work for a drink.’
Shannon’s brain snapped for the second time that day, she reached into her bag and pulled the gun out. She levelled the gun at Jordan and before he could utter a word, she shot him in the face. His lower jaw completely detached from his head and he crashed forward, his face a bloody mess. She immediately swung around to where the girl was frantically trying to reach the front door. Shannon shot her in the arse. She screamed and fell into the couch. ‘You slag, that’s the last bloke you’ll ever screw’.
Although over come with fear the girl managed to roll over and look at Shannon. Her face was distorted with pain but she could see the crazed look in Shannon’s eyes and pleaded, ‘Please, don’t kill me, I didn’t know he had a girl friend’.
Shannon calmly walked over and backhanded her across the face with the pistol. As she lay prone on the floor Shannon fired two shots into her vagina. ‘Won’t be any one sniffing around that anymore. You bastard Jordan, you really fucked things now.’
Shannon walked into the kitchen; she had to think things out. The two lads in the abandoned apartment building, no one would miss them and hopefully no one would find them for days. But Jordan, he was the supervisor on his shift, Christ they would be looking for him. ‘You prick; you prick, wasn’t I enough for you.’ Shannon slammed the gun onto the table and walked to the bedroom. She found Jordan’s wallet and the girl’s handbag. She opened the girl’s purse and pulled out her license, ‘Sarah Johnson, that’s who you were, hey. Well Sarah, you won’t need this anymore’. She took the money from her own bag, Jordan’s wallet and filled Sarah’s purse. She then moved to Sarah who was lying in a mass of blood, pulled her head upright and with the butt of the gun methodically smashed every tooth in her mouth. She gathered as many teeth as she could and placed them her coat pocket. Shannon turned on the electric radiator in the bathroom and every gas port on the stove, picked up Sarah’s bag, locked the door and left.
‘I can get away with this. Just work it out, don’t panic, they got what they deserved anyway.’ Shannon cut across the back yard, into the vacant lot behind and on to the freeway reserve. ‘Hopefully someone saw me come in and no one has seen me leave.’ She followed the freeway for next hour then crossed onto the footpath over the pedestrian bridge and sat down at the bus stop. Shannon boarded the next bus and took up a window seat. Looking to where she has just come from, Shannon was concerned that there was no sign of fire from the house. Just at that moment a huge explosion reverberated through the air and Shannon looked up to see a ball of fire erupting from the direction of Jordan’s house. A little smile crossed Shannon’s face.
Shannon departed the bus near the main shopping complex and headed to a crowded coffee shop. A quick search of Sarah’s purse revealed a god send, more cash, credit cards, work security pass and a driver’s license. She smiled to herself as she found a four digit number written on the back of a library card. She could do a maximum withdrawal for a few days she reasoned. A little heat from a hair dyer would distort the driver’s photo enough to pass in an emergency.

‘Good afternoon, Jonders Manufacturing.’
‘Personnel section please.’
‘Pers section.’
‘It’s Sarah Johnson here, I work in the proving area, afternoon shift. Just ringing in to tell you there has been a family death and I’m going home for two weeks.,
‘Our condolences Sarah, but the company doesn’t allow that much time off for bereavements.’
‘I am not asking, I am telling you what I am doing. Goodbye.’ Shannon hung up and walked from the telephone booth. ‘A bit more time I hope.’
Shannon found a cheap motel on the other side of town and spent the next few days emptying Sarah’s bank account and watching the news for any developments concerning the fire at Jordan’s house. ‘Two bodies were found at the scene. No names have been released. Police investigations continue.’
‘Knock, knock.’
‘Hang on. I’m coming.’ Shannon pulled the door open and immediately tried to swing it shut.
The visitor jammed his foot in the door, ‘Shannon, you bitch, Mum thought it was you. What’s going on? What happened at Jordan’s place? Everyone thought the woman’s body was yours. You tell me what’s going on, or so help me God I will bust your bloody head.’
‘Bobby, Bobby, calm down. I know as much as you.’
‘Don’t crap to me. What are you doing in this dive? You haven’t showed your face since the fire. You fucking slut you had something to do with that, didn’t you?’
‘Bobby I loved your brother, I had nothing to do with the fire. The only reason I’m here was because I was so upset when I heard they found another woman’s body in the house. I couldn’t face anyone; I couldn’t bear to think Jordan was with someone else. I’m just trying to get my head together.’
‘I don’t fucking believe you. You can come and explain it all to Mum and Sis. Get your shit, we are leaving now. And don’t think I won’t be involving the cops. You better be telling the truth.’
All the way to Jordan’s Mum’s house Shannon sobbed. She could feel Bobby’s anger receding; this could be in her favour. At the house, Shannon explained how she had been devastated to find that Jordan had another woman in the house. At that time of the day could only mean one thing. He was playing around. Even Jordan’s mum, Shirley, expressed her sympathy. It was Jordan’s sister who insisted that they ring the police. ‘We have to clear everything up. Because the bodies were so badly burnt I think they assumed the woman was you.’
Shannon’s thoughts of closer police scrutiny made her feel in her hand bag for the gun. She knew what she had to do. She pulled the gun from her bag and fired a shot onto Sis’s head from point blank range. Pieces of bloody bone and tissue splattered against the wall. Immediately she turned the gun on Bobby and as he was saying ‘no’ she shot him in his open mouth. Mum was trying to struggle out of the chair as the next bullet tore into the back of her neck. Her spine shattered and blood gushed from the wound.
Shannon didn’t hesitate, she took any money she could find, lit the candles that Shirley kept on the mantle and turned the gas stove fully on. ‘This could work again,’ she said to herself as she hurried out the door. As Shannon walked down the drive she heard a voice.
‘Shannon, is that you love?’ It was Mrs. Gilby from next door. ‘My hubby said he thought he saw you walk in with Bobby. Wasn’t it terrible about Jordan? We thought you were dead too. Is everything ok in there?’
‘Yes, everything’s ok Mrs. Gilby. I’ve got some news about Jordan death. I’ll come over in a minute and tell you.’
‘That’d be nice love; I’ll put the jug on.’
Shannon took the spare magazine from her bag and loaded the weapon. ‘Fuck I can’t stop now. Get these couple of nosy parkers out of the way and I’m out of this town.’ As Shannon knocked on the Gilby’s back door she heard more voices. ‘God! Who else is in there?’
Come in Shannon,’ said Mrs. Gilby, ‘I’m sure you’ve met my son Adam and his wife Vivian.’
Shannon didn’t give Adam time to get out of chair; she pulled the gun from her handbag and fired a shot into his head at point blank range. Before Vivian had time to protest, a bullet ploughed into her neck. Blood gushed. Shannon turned towards Mrs. Gilby who had fallen to her knees. The bullet entered the top of her skull and blew the back half of her head apart. Mr. Gilby, who hadn’t moved from his recliner, pissed himself. Shannon placed the point of the barrel in his ear and pulled the trigger. His head lolled back and masses of blood saturated the blue cloth of the recliner. There was a cry from the doorway. She looked up to see a little boy quivering and looking toward Vivian on the couch.
‘Fuck,’ she said as she fired two shots into the fragile frame. ‘This is turning to shit, I’m out of here.’
Shannon did a quick gather of money from wallets and handbags and walked to the kitchen. She turned the gas on fully and left by the back door. ‘Hopefully next door going up will bring this joint down as well.’
As she walked down the driveway she heard a tremendous roar. Shannon turned toward the sound and was instantly engulfed by a massive fireball that had blown the side out of the Jordan’s mother’s house. Her cry of pain and efforts to run were in vain. Her body literally melted on the spot.

The Shooter


Bendigo, Australia

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