Pollution is fouling our waterways. Pollution is killing our seas. Pollution is destroying our atmosphere. The sun is over heating our earth. The polar ice is melting. The sea level is rising. Our lands are shrinking. Our weather is changing. The summers are hotter. The seasons are drier. The lakes are empty. The fields are parched. The crops are failing. The world is starving.

One nation fights another. One religion fights another. One nation fights within itself. One man persecutes his brother. One man kills another.
We all have needs. People work to satisfy their needs. People use others to satisfy their needs. People confuse their needs and their wants. The wants become more important than the needs. The needs are forgotten.
Small business run by small people. Large business control small business. Corporations run large business. Corporations are driven by desire. Desire is satisfied by greed. Business is driven by greed.
Greed destroys harmony. Greed destroys families. Greed destroys towns. Greed destroys countries. Greed destroys love.
Love is basic. Love is given. Love is taken. Love is forgiving. Love is not demanding. Love heals. Love is blind. Love can be mislead. Love can be taken advantage of. Love can be broken. Love can be lost.

I will not accept racism. I’ll not commit acts against my will. I will not change my opinion to suit the mood of others. I’ll not turn a blind eye to the hurt and hatred of my fellow man. I shan’t be shamed. I shan’t assist the world in its quest to destroy our fauna and flora. I will not pollute my body with chemicals. I shan’t assist in destroying the atmosphere. I will not recognize tyranny. I shan’t accept terrorism. I’ll not believe our politicians. I shall not support globalization. I will not watch the death of millions due to aids. I will not kill my fellow man. I won’t sucked in by false promises. I won’t hurt when I am subject to discrimination. I will not … I can’t. I have been liberated. This world has killed me. I am dead.

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