Graff: Breaking Down Synopsis

This story revolves around two main characters; Graff, an alien looking thing with no mouth, white skin, and dreadlocks, and Celeste a normal looking 22 year old with purplish-brown hair. He cannot die by any means except when cut with swords. He has made his way up the East Coast causing mayhem as he went along. She is fairly normal, but has somewhat of a checkered past. She has ties to the Irish mob and is prone to blow things up.They meet after Graff has destroyed a police force in a city not too far away. She is working in her friend Sandy’s club as a bartender, and the first night they meet trouble brews from a local called Spray-Can. He comes in and harasses Celeste and Graff comes to her aid, leaving Spray-Can’s posse battered and broken. Spray-Can swears revenge on the both of them and leaves.

Two nights later Graff and Celeste go out on a date and end up “together” in an abandoned building where Graff is living. While they are together Spray-Can gathers up all his men and goes back to Sandy’s to get his revenge. Since they aren’t there he tortures Sandy and sets fire to the club. Graff and Celeste return just before Sandy dies in Celeste’s arms.
The two are taken in for questioning by the police and then the police realize who Graff is. Instead of being taken into custody, Graff decides to shoot his way out, and grabs Celeste along the way. After a long battle they make it back to the abandoned building where Celeste tell Graff that she thinks he had something to do with Sandy’s death. He reassures her that he’s on the level and they fall asleep in each other’s arms.
The next day Celeste gets up and goes off in search of who killed Sandy. She stops off at her and Sandy’s apartment to get some supplies before heading off on her search. She heads into Sandy’s room and Spray-Can surprises her. He kills her after pumping her for information. He sees a gun she has and realizes she’s a friend of the Irish mob and freaks out. So he heads to Mr. Koffing, a man with a cigarette for a head, for help disposing of the body.
Graff sees Celeste is missing and goes out looking for her. He checks the apartment and finds the blood everywhere. He freaks and thinks that the cops have done it. He jumps out the window and takes out the two surveillance vans before heading to the police station. He unloads everything he has on the police station, not caring to find out any information. All his shooting attracts the attention of Spray-Can and he heads after Spray-Can but is stopped short by an explosion that knocks him out.
A man called the Artist is covering Celeste’s body in tattoo ink. He finishes and then uses a curved blade to make cuts all over her body. He dumps her in the city’s garbage pile and leaves her for someone to find. Later that night she comes back from the dead, and has lost all memory save for two names Graff and Spray-Can. She then sets forth on a murderous rampage through the city, not having tattoo’s that she can control, and the ability to heal wounds extremely quickly.
Graff awakes in a giant building made completely of concrete and some spotlights hanging from the ceiling. Koffing is in a box far above him. He explains to Graff that he rules New Grimshire City and that he wants the extreme death to stop. So he sends out his best assassin, a giant snake thing with a giant amount of guns, to kill Graff. A giant battle insues and Graff eventually kills the monster. When he tries to go after Koffing, he sees that he has fled.
Celeste comes up to the giant corporation buildings that hold Koffing and his army of mini-bots. Before she enters though, Graff shows up. He is completely relieved to see her, but she is still disoriented and thinks that she has to kill him. They fight, even though Graff doesn’t want to. Finally she remembers the night they spent together and they stop fighting. They both head inside and are faced with Spray-Can right off the bat. He realizes that Graff can only be hurt by swords, so he has a long sword. They fight, but before Spray-Can can finish off Graff, Celeste decapitates him. The two fight their way through the mini-bots up to Koffing’s office. He’s waiting with a bomb all prepped to go off. He plans to escape with a helicopter, which lays down some gattling gun fire incapacitating both of them. Koffing jumps into the helicopter and sets the bomb timer.
Graff recovers quickly and goes after Koffing. They fight on the helicopter and the fight finishes with the ’copter crashing back into the building. Graff survives, but has to be carried down the stairs by Celeste. The bomb goes off and traps the two of them in the rubble. They are barely hanging on to life, but eventually their mutual friend Patrick MgInty, the Irish mob leader, digs them out. It takes them days to recover, but they finally do. When they realize they’ve destroyed the town they decide to move on and find out exactly where Graff has come from and his origin. This will lead into the second graphic novel.

Graff: Breaking Down Synopsis


Merritt, United States

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The synopsis for the first Graff graphic novel.

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