In The Moment Book

For those that don’t know (and I wouldn’t expect you to), one of my images was published in RB’s “In The Moment” book. And today I received my copy! #165 of 1000

First impression…Yeah…Alright…Cool!!!
Second impression…ummm yeah…ok…sure.
Final impression…whatever?!
Final impression based on my cost of $0…see first impression.

1st view – the back cover separated after briefly looking at the book the first time.
2nd view – the front and back cover as well as a page or two started to come unglued.
After the 10th or so handling – it looks like I picked it up at a yard sale. The cover is about to fall off. It is riddled with fingerprints in the darker areas. And 4 or 5 pages are coming unglued.

So I’ve written and erased this journal 4 different times now. It’s actually hard to relay all my feelings about the book in any understandable order. For the most part, I like all the material published. What I don’t like is the order in which it is displayed.

Most of the stories and images share their pages. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like they compliment each other. I also don’t feel like all images need a story. You should be able to come to your own conclusion. However, if there is a story, it should relate directly to the image. And if you were to read some of the stories first, then view the image, you may lose your understanding of the story.

I passed the book around my office at work. Approximately 10 people had a chance to view it. Then I asked them what they thought? ALL of them had the same reaction with minor differences in wording. “It’s neat, but I don’t really understand it?” People are creatures of habit. Some books have pictures, some don’t. But when they do, we naturally try and make the connection between the story and the image. They just didn’t understand what it was about. After I explained to them what the book was, they seemed even less impressed, although it made more sense? And the next question was, “so did you write that story too?”

What’s up with pages 62-63? The only pages in the entire book that are published vertical. You have to rotate the book 90* counter clock wise to view the image and read the story. Why?

As an artist, I would pick up something like this at a yard sale or second hand store for a buck or two. But I would never pay RB’s price. Sure I have an image published inside the book. But that only makes the value sentimental to me…nothing more. This isn’t something I’ll leave out on the coffee table to show guests. I don’t want them to have to sift through the mayhem and then provide an explanation to each of them once they finish in order for them to understand what they just looked at. It’s easy enough to say, “the picture on page 55 is mine.”

Luckily, my copy was free. In now way do I mean to sound ungreatful. I like the book, but am not impressed in the slightest with the layout or quality. There was a note inside of the book asking for owners to leave comments / feedback. I’m just obliging. Thank you!

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