I stumble through this part every time. I don’t feel like I have much to say about me, as a photographer? I’m self taught, shoot digital and love every second of it! I guess the key word here for me is photography. All of my images are photos. I do like to push the limits of surreal with the help of HDR. All of my HDR images are multiple exposures. A 10mm fisheye and HDR are my favorite combo!

I’m always expanding my knowledge of photography and love to learn. I think my artistic work, the type displayed here is my strongest, but I also photograph on the business side ie. weddings, portraits, models, etc.

I really enjoy finding those hard to get to, obscure areas to photograph. That’s why as time goes on, you’ll see more and more self portraits…cause I’m the only one there.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions about my work, I don’t have any secrets. That’s how we all learn.

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  • Age: 46
  • Joined: August 2007


Is Thanks Enough?

It was just brought to my attention that my image “Joy Ride” is now the #1 Most Popular Image of all time!!! / How do I even describe how that feels? I can’t! It’s simply awesome!! / But, the true thanks goes to you. Each and every one of you. Without the RB community it would just be another one of my pictures. You made it the most popular. I can not express how grateful …
Posted over 9 years – 13 comments

In The Moment Book

For those that don’t know (and I wouldn’t expect you to), one of my images was published in RB’s “In The Moment” book. And today I received my copy! #165 of 1000 / First impression…Yeah…Alright…Cool!!! / Second impression…ummm yeah…ok…sure. / Final impression…whatever?! / Final impression based on my cost of $0…see firs…
Posted almost 11 years – 12 comments

Macabre...Know What it is?

Main Entry: ma·ca·bre / Pronunciation: (m-käbr, m-käb, -käbr) / Function: adjective / Etymology: French, from (danse) macabre dance of death, from Middle French (danse de) Macabré / 1 : having death as a subject : comprising or including a personalized representation of death / 2 : dwelling on the gruesome / 3 : tending to produce horror in a beholder / synonym see GHASTLY / Any horror fans her…
Posted over 11 years – 15 comments


Let’s talk…about anything? / I’m a newbie around here. I recognize a few faces / pieces from around the web. However, most of the work I’ve seen is very refreshing and new to me. I’m instantly impressed by the amount of responses I’ve received in just a few days. / I feel like the site has a few short comings as far as replies and comments. I would really like …
Posted over 11 years – 14 comments
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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait