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John has had a camera in front of his face for the better part of 60 years and will continue until he gets it right! Please respect the...

Total Portfolo views

O.K….. I’ll be right up front about this issue…
When in need of an ego boost, I could always see how many total views my portfolio had… Since the redbubble changes not possible(?) or as a computer illiterate am I missing something???

The last time I came soooo close, ‘they’ advised had to delete a number of photo’s…. turned out to be among my most sold and viewed.

Now, once again, so close and the system changed… Redbubble based upon my average monthly views, including those deleted, i am celebrating ONE MILLION views for this account! Take that ‘bubble’!!!!!

Anyway, between my ‘old’ Webshots accounts, Smugmug and Redbubble have something in the area of Five Million views of my work….. Thank you all.

Best regards,

PS: Yes, I know you can pick your nose on youtube and get a billion views…. I really don’t care!!!

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