Mansfield, United States

A child of the 50’s, a survivor of the 60’s, my main artistic outlets are stained glass and photography. I have operated my glass studio...

Has it really been THAT long...?

I was thinking that I hadn’t been to the bubble in a bit, but, Oh, my word! Will endeavor to visit more frequently as I begin a new adventure following my birthday in May. Going to attempt semi-retirement from hospital as it sucks my spirit dry and leaves me far too weary for any meaningful enjoyment in life.A blend of early retirement benefits and continued but markedly reduced time at hospital will afford more time to follow my arts interests, both stained glass and photographic. Hopefully the current upturn in our economy will continue and contribute to this effort.I just completed my first stained glass commission since the economic bubble burst and hope that more will follow.I barely recognize how to navigate this bubble in the time I have been away but will give it a go.Ta fer the sales of my works here over the past weeks. I appreciate the support and wish all of you in this community ever-growing Peace.


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