colour-chapter 1, weekly chapters do happen, stay tuned!

A silence fell over the crowd, it didnt happen often. A large low voice with a european accent slowly spread through the crowd, drawing people in with its uncommon warmth. “…and so i, king thezarr the 2nd, hereby announce that anyone, of any shape, any size, any colour, seen here again, will be prosecuted in the worse possible way.” The crowd quarreled with anger and defiance. "They will imediatly be removed from our community, and as some might put it, exiled!
“No please!” screamed many people in the audience.
“Do not blame all of us for what a simple one human being has done. " Shouted one man inperticular. " Many people choose to be rebellious in all differant ways. Let it not be, that our country, our town, our democracy be so confused with itself it has nowhere to turn to but exile!"
“Silence! You fool, do you not think that someone with as high a grade of reputation as myself would not of thought my choice through! It is my word, and my word is final!” The verbally disembowled man stepped back, red faced, into the crowd.
“I have considered every possible outcome, and i am afraid, my freinds, that this was the best choice. I am King Thezarr, and as king, i will do everything in my power to not only protect you, my townsfolk and countrymen, but the sacred colour.”

After the townsfolk had seperated and gone there seperate ways, and long after the king had left with his carriage to spread the news to the other towns, a secret meeting was occuring, below the rubble and decay of the mossy and cobblestone streets, through the disgusting and feral sewers, and into a man-made cavern,decorated with the finest in jewels and gold, artwork the likes of which had never been seen, and five men.
“Hush Robert, we do not know who could be watching”
“Oh for goodness sake Bon, who the hell is going to be bloody listening to us, huh?”
“Well you know the governments always got-”
“The governments always got bloody what!”“Listen i dont care what you say where 16000 km below the ground those people walk on!”
“Oh both of you stop! And Rob stop calling them ‘those people’, there no differant to you or i, they have just picked a differant path.”
“A differant path!..A dif….A differant bloody path! Oh yeh i bloody well guess you could call it that! While there up there living were down here protecting this god-forsaken bloody colour! What the hell is the differance if they see it..!?”
“Robert they are not ‘they’ they are ‘us’!”
“Oh for…for…bloody hell just bloody forget about it!”

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