Climate - WE can CHANGE!

I’ve put together a small website and video which conveys my vision for our evolution on this planet. I believe that climate change presents the significant challenge that is needed in order for humans to rise beyond themselves, and nations to recognise their common mutual interest. We respond best to an inspiring challenge – we’ve been to the Moon, after all. But now we are all connected, and our evolved response to climate change offers the opportunity for us to address much of what is wrong with our current human climate. It may sound like a lofty goal, but I envision that the simple responses set out in the movie can set in motion a chain reaction. Its an inspiring vision for us to stand for, united – and is hope-based.

I was originally going to produce this work as part of the Vision Statements I create (see my YouTube site), but was further inspired by Easy Being Green’s competition. It has encouraged me to really put my vision ‘out there’, and I will be incredibly rewarded if it touches many people, and has a big impact on their lives. Winning the competition itself would be a major bonus, as it would strongly support me in creating and distributing more of such visions, teaching people to envision and create their own… the multiplier effect. I would be so happy and grateful to put the competition winnings towards an upgraded camera (a digital-SLR) so that I may capture even more images of the world’s beauty, with a tool that unleashes my creative visions.

You can see it (and help avoid Global Warming) at

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