Catherine Howell

Joined February 2008

I consider myself an emerging artist, though I’ve been creating since childhood. My favorite subjects are animals and my work is...

I saw your dog today

she sat, and watched every vehicle, intent on finding her family. another dumped lost and confused dog. this one was a blue heeler. she was young. guess what, she is now dead. someone ran over your responsibility today. I was going to pick up YOUR dog today and take her to the shelter, but guess what I had to do? I had to have my dog euthanized. he was fast losing his battle with osteosarcoma. he was suffering. by the time I made it down the road she was already dead! your abandoned dog had already been drug down Old Hearne Road, where YOU dumped her!! she was drug quite far. there was about a twelve foot line of blood where she was drug under someone’s tires. the really horrible thing is that she did not die right away. she drug herself over to the side of the road to die a horrible, painful, inhumane, agonizing death. she suffered.oh, and family in the suburban, you make me ill!! my friend saw you dump your dog. she saw your dog run after your suburban, frantically trying to catch up with you. did you wave goodbye and say “have a good life.” did you think you were dumping your dog in happy land? my friend tried to see your license plates, but you were driving too fast. of course, you had to. else YOUR dog would have caught up with you. your poor dog probably thought you were going to the dog park, or maybe for a fun ride. I still have not seen this dog. I am hoping someone had compassion when they saw YOUR dog. I have not heard any gunshots for a couple of you realize what happens to your animals when you abandon them out here? people deliberately run over them. they shoot them. they poison them, and they brag about it!! very few actually help these poor creatures. this is not a very nice area for dumped animals! you know what, imbecile??? NO PLACE is a good place to dump animals!

I am watching for you!! I will call the police if I see you! I will chase you down. I will report you. I will put up flyers with your plate numbers! you need not know who I am. Just know that if I see you dump animals out here, I will report you.

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