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Retired Mechanical Engineer who has turned his 50+ year love affair with Photography into a second Career.

So you want to Sell...Bubble can help

Red Bubble will never make you rich, but with that said let’s explore what it can do for you.
1. Shameless Self-promotion
Get your name and work out there, join groups, submit photos and enter challenges. By example, this week I had 5 photos featured and 4 top Challenge finishes. Why is this important?, you ask, It builds statistic. More on that later in point 2. But self promotion only starts here, you have get your work out locally. Submit photos to your local paper and TV station. Find a place to exhibit your work, your local Arts Council, an Art club, your Doctor and dentist office, in your office at work, at a local library, and at your favorite Restaurant (with your Business card and a discreet price attached, after all, people have to know it’s for sale). Now you notice I did include an Art gallery, that comes later when your work is well know, sought after and your prices can stand hefty gallery commissions and the added cost professional framing on speculation that it will sell, but keep in mind that your work should always be well framed and matted regardless of where you exhibit your work. And finally, look at the other artists work on the Bubble, examine why you like someone image and learn what you can improve in yours, leave them positive feed back and build relationships, they will return the favor.
2. Statistics
You’ve completed step 1, now what? look at your statistics, here what the can tell you.
Low views can mean several things, not enough promotion or in the wrong places, a image that doesn’t present it self well as a thumbnail, it’s the same tripod holes as a hundred others or it’s a sub par image (think about deleting it if it is).
Comments generally mean your showing your work in the right places. It also makes you feel good about your work and helps you strive to improve it.
Favorites is the clincher, it means the other artists on the site find your work exceptional. This is the work you want to exhibit both here on bubble and elsewhere.
Sales is the final kicker, it means you work is at a level that other artists on the site are willing to shell out their hard earned dollar to buy YOUR work.
3. Use your Red Bubble website to promote to your friends and existing and potential customers by having the web address on your business card. Oh, you do have business cards and pass them out freely, don’t you? if not return to step one above.

Have a great week and keep bubbling…

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