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  • Features wraparound prints
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from Ceramic


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Save the Bees!

Designed by WolfShadow27
Check out other similar items at "Save Bees!" here: Bees are dying—an alarming 40 percent of honeybee colonies collapsed from spring 2017 to 2018, and more and more of our 4,000-plus species of wild bees, like the rusty patched bumblebee, are edging toward extinction. While climate change, habitat loss, and disease all play a role in the rate of colony collapse, mounting scientific evidence links the recent dramatic spike in bee deaths to the rise of neonic (short for neonicotinoid) pesticides—now the most heavily used insecticides in the United States. Neonics can kill bees on contact and at even very low exposures harm their ability to navigate, forage, and reproduce. These chemicals also easily spread through soil and water, and can be absorbed by wild plants, making the pollen and nectar poisonous to bees and other pollinators. Please avoid using all neonics on your plants and in your garden. Encourage your local retailers to take neonic products and neonic-treated plants off their shelves.

Save the Bees! Classic Mug

Designed by WolfShadow27