SoJie 13 Workshop Translation WIPs

This is a journal which documents my progress for the SoJie 13 Workshop where I entered into an agreement with rocamiadesign (Kathleen) to translate her beautiful fractal work:

Twisted Perception
by rocamiadesign

Perhaps, I should say a bit more about the process. That’s sort of what the text was for, to a limited extent. For the 3D metallic objects, I used the 3D shape tool that’s built-in to PhotoPlus and one in the new Photoshop CS5 that allow some 3D shapes, PS has some more advanced functions similar to Bryce. So, you can do some rudimentary 3D work. Most of the objects were made with the 3D shape tool that is built-in to PhotoPlus. It’s pretty basic, but does some reasonable work, I think. The only objects made in Photoshop is the ring with an object texture using Kathleen’s original image as a background and a couple of eyeballs with her original image as the iris. (see WIP #4). I also made an eyeball in PhotoPlus X4 to see which I like better. Let’s see how it goes.

Here are the WIPs:





5th and Final – Comparison of Original and Translation

And here is my final image:

Eye of the Beholder
by wolfepaw

I hope you have enjoyed watching the progress of my translation of Kathleen’s art. It was an amazing experience and I am honored to be participant in the Workshop in preparation for SoJie 13!

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