Chrysalis [poem]

The snout lifted high, tasting the wind
The sky was a tormented black maelstrom
Jagged white, burnt cinder brown, flashes
and violence and screaming
Slowly the body dragged across the broken ground
Dirty earth and jagged white rocks, gleaming
with wicked intent. She let out a shriek as
with delight the rough edges tore at her bruised
and broken body. Bulbous, fat and heavy, it tore
again, as it had before, as it would again
White life splashed to the ground, where it lay
and slowly burnt into smoke,
the burning hunger deep within the planet ate it
Twisted, black and leafless trees stared sullenly
A thick white moon, noxious yellow light dripping
hung above, high, high above … where death flew
a screaming rage
She cried aloud, torment, despair and
A bone in the sack of body snapped, drifting to join the other
broken pieces within the oozing sore that was her
She shuddered, but continued her writhing maggot journey
She neared it now, the dream, the shining light that
made her live through the broken body and never
ending agony
It breathed light, she felt it before she saw it
A shimmer in her mind, then a brightening of her vision
The circle of glowing energy. She dragged herself before it
The head was bowed, the tiny stone she dropped before it
The pebble vanished, and she thought
the shining was a little brighter
She collapsed and stared, and prayed, and yearned
It stayed shut, it did not open, inside she cried and
screamed. She waited for the chrysalis, to open its arms
and to let her in
Still the circling screamers raged
She heard them
She hunched her tired body lower, and hoped with
all the shame of her hope, that they continued to find
When finally her tortured needs rose above her blissful vision
She turned to find the brackish pool. Filled with the acid
that burnt her mouth, tore her lips away, but filled her ugly
length with what it needed to drag another day
She lay, swollen and useless and shuddering, behind the
grove of dead limbed trees, as before her one she
knew was feasted upon
The red eyes, the swaying predator’s teeth filled with
the gore of the partner to her birth
It screamed to the sky, a scream of hatred, rage, hunger
somewhat sated, of agonised bliss
It tore the body again and again, the needle limbs spraying
the dead life blood where it burnt upon the hot ground
Eventually the brutal wings unfolded, and screeching with
a rage that would never be quelled, it rose and flapped to
find another
Not her, not this time
Inside she dreamed, she dreamed of beauty, love and health
She cried tears, that burnt her face, she screamed with agony
with fear and a brittle hope
She returned, and worshipped before the chrysalis
She dreamed her dull dreams, she saw another life
And slowly, slowly, the object of her dreams tenderly opened
A burst of light sprang forth. A healing balm that soothed her
skin, and took the pain from her mind
She cried with joy, the dying body slowly bore her in
With loving music, a tune of beauty that she could not even understand,
she entered the chrysalis, which caressed and took her in
It sang to her, it told of love, it told of all happiness
Slowly the brutal life, the reality that had surrounded her
fell away to be an evil nightmare
She felt only warmth, and joy, and the twisting changing
wonder within
She faded away, and slowly a spark throbbed forth
Awareness returned
Feelings, strange, foreign, sharp
Urgency above all
She fumbled, pushed, and slowly the guarding warmth fell
Collapsing, writhing, struggling
A pain within burst forth, hotter than anything she had felt
A need, a want. She screamed, it was a long and echoing cry
A cry that sent fear into the hearts of others
She blinked, and her red eyes lanced into the darkness
Beating her wings she rose into the sky
Screaming again and again
Rage and her hunger
She flew and found and fell upon
The thick body collapsing before her, as it squealed and cried and died
She feasted long, the savage rage fading to a whisper
A whisper that called louder as each moment passed
That cry again, the savage need, more victims to destroy
And deep inside, somewhere that the rage did not quite eclipse,
she cried, she cried and cried
For all the beauty she could dream of, for the joy of a sunset she
did not understand
And most of all …
she dreamed of another chrysalis

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