Net Connections problems

Does any one have a drama with their internet connection? I’m with Optus after giving Telstra the flick as they charge like wounded bulls.
Since moving to Qld, I’ve had drama after drama
A typical day can be as follows, mind you it seems to be fine in the mornings, but that is not when I want to play

1.40pm. Web pages slowing, then internet explorer cannot display. One bar on the signal thing, but it says I’m still connected. Closed the connection down and just can’t reconnect again
3.03 pm, connect and booted straight away
6pm connect and lasted less than 5 mins
6.15pm Error 619
6.52pm Error 619
7.15pm Error 619
7.50pm, finally got a signal but still got the error code 619
8.53pm Error 619
9.20pm Error 619
9.51pm Error 619
9.56pm connected for how long who knows!!!
Hope you all understand the lack of my time in RB
Any help would be truely appreciated

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