Splash was featured in the Top Ten in All About Water this morning before heading off to work. I was on a high, what a start to my day!

On my return from work I’m reading a BM from Rosalie saying Splash was featured on RB Home Page. I was not believing what I was reading, thinking it had to be a mistake, until I start reading all the wonderful comments from all of you…excitingly giving me goosebumps! Thank you to each and every one of you!

Whoever would have thought this could happen to someone reluctantly joining RB approx 6 months ago,thinking her work was not up to scratch.

Now, how high do you reckon that cloud is that I’m dancing on and for how long for?

A Special thank you to Rosalie for encouraging me to join RB in the first place and another special thanks to John Pitman who gave me the desire to visit Meltams Pools where Splash was taken.


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