On Claire's behalf ...

This is Rosalie Dale writing on Claire’s behalf. Sadly the fact that I am posting this message means that Claire lost her battle with cancer at 9.30am today in Perth Hospital (Western Australia).

I have posted more, along with photos of Claire, in a journal here.

It would be so good if you could go leave a message for her two sons … I will ensure they receive all comments in time for the funeral next week. If anyone in Perth would like to know details not contained in my journal, I do have a phone number for Claire’s friend… just bubblemail me.

Thank you for supporting her photographic endeavours – her gallery is a testament to her passion for the hobby. And her courage and cheeful attitude blew me away. She was cheeky apparently to the last!


My Neglectful activity on Red Bubble

I’ve had an on going problem with connecting to the Net, pages taking forever to load, or loosing the connection completely…no fun! And usually give it a miss for the night. Mighty fine after midnight when I’m normally ready to turn in for the night, or first thing in the morning, when I’m not ready to play. Optus says there is a fix shortly. They have put it down to congestion and hopefully they are not fibbing about the work being done on the tower. Hence my time is usually short and sweet………please forgive me…

Now my Hard Drive has packed it in! Replacement been ordered. Yep, all photos had been backed up, but lost other stuff. Pain reloading everything and finding where the devil did I save all those photos???

I’m now taking photos of animals needing homes here in Warwick, so no doubt

1 Sale, 1 Group Avatar, 9 features, 5 Top Ten placements

Sometimes I have to wonder how I manage this with my limited internet access. They say there is a fix coming…

My Blue Lily was chosen as the group Avatar with Former DFF…what a buzz!

1st Feb,10. City Lights made the Top Ten in Mood & Ambience challenge – The City at Night

2nd Feb, How Sweet it Is featured in Nature’s Wonders

3rd Feb, Bird of Paradise made the Top Ten in Cee’s Fun Artsy Friends

6th Feb, Sunset, Leslie Dam, Top Ten in That one Great Shot Sunset Challenge

6th Feb, Caught made the Top Ten in Mood & Ambience Pesky challenge

7th Feb, Summer in Perth, Top Ten in Beach, River& Lakes Treasure’s challenge ‘Where green meets blue’

8th Feb, Bonnie Doon featured in Australian Travel Photography & Writing

12th Feb, SOLD A Mounted Print of Beautiful Coloured Orchids to an unknown buyer….

Features and Winners, 2nd half of Jan 2010

Thought I was off to a great start with 11 features and winners for the first half of the month of January. The second half is even better!

Many thanks to all the Hosts for their time and effort and to you guys that have helped and commented and or voted along the way. Cheers Claire

17th Jan, 2010. Young Wolfhound Featured in Former DPF,

17th Jan, 2010. Crab placed in the Top Ten Challenge micro- images along our coastline. Beach, Rivers & Lakes Group

17th Jan, 2010. Herdsman Lake, Top Ten in All things Orange challenge

19th Jan, 2010. Saint Mary’s Warwick Featured in Your Country’s Best

20th Jan, 2010. Beautiful coloured Orchids, Top Ten in Live & Let Live challenge ‘purple’

20th Jan, 2010. Saint Mary’s Warwick Featured in Brissie! It’s short for Brisbane

20th Jan, 2010. Rock Fishi

A Good Start for 2010

Although I still can’t always connect to the Net. still holding my own on RB…

1st Jan 2010 (another day older, I may add) Favourite Fishing Spot, Leslie Dam featured in Brissie, it’s short for Brisbane

2nd Jan, Mass Colour featured in A Garden Somewhere

4th Jan, City Lights featured in Vibrant and Vivid Colour

6th Jan, Rock Fishing featured in Australia You’re Standing in It

6th Jan, Splash hit the big time again being the Challenge Winner in The Woman Photographer’s Challenge, Dramatic Ocean Waves. (Yes, I had already written this one up, I was so excited at the time

9th Jan, Got What it Takes featured in You’re Accepted

10th Jan, Rock Fishing featured in Cee’s Fun Artsy Group

10th Jan, Paddock finished in the Top Ten Challenge 150 steps away. Brissy! It’s Short for Brisbane

11th Jan, Jan

Challenge Win

Splash was voted the winner in the Woman Photographer’s challenge Dramatic Ocean Waves
Many thanks to all that voted for my image and well as the Hosts of the Woman Photographer for organizing this challenge
My time has been scarce on the computer due to a never ending net connection problem, hence just about everything I do is running late including this right up

Home Sweet Home

I’ve just returned from spending time with family in Victoria. Yes, it is good to be back home.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and all the best to everyone for this new year


My view count hit over the 70,000 mark earlier today. I joined back in March 08 and had have learned a lot while having a blast.…

Although I am still plagued with internet connection problems at the most inconvenient times for hours on end…I’m hanging in there with the best of em. Having not done a journal for awhile, I thought I’d sneak one in before Christmas wishing all of you the best for the holidays. Stay safe and see yah all next year as I’m heading off to Victoria to spend time with family for Christmas

Features for the past week were…now, lets see if I can remember how to do this!

8th Dec 09, City Beach Groyne was featured in The 500-5000 Viewing Group

Sunset, Leslie Dam featured in Nikon D90 User Group 11th Dec and again in Morning & Evening Sunbeam & Storms 13th Sep. previously

Net Connections problems

Does any one have a drama with their internet connection? I’m with Optus after giving Telstra the flick as they charge like wounded bulls.
Since moving to Qld, I’ve had drama after drama
A typical day can be as follows, mind you it seems to be fine in the mornings, but that is not when I want to play…

1.40pm. Web pages slowing, then internet explorer cannot display. One bar on the signal thing, but it says I’m still connected. Closed the connection down and just can’t reconnect again
3.03 pm, connect and booted straight away
6pm connect and lasted less than 5 mins
6.15pm Error 619
6.52pm Error 619
7.15pm Error 619
7.50pm, finally got a signal but still got the error code 619
8.53pm Error 619
9.20pm Error 619
9.51pm Error 619
9.56pm connected for how long who knows!!!
Hope you all understand the lack of

While I've been busy elsewhere.......

There is a light in sight. I’m all organized for our camera club hanging for our exhibition on the 2nd Oct. Never had to matt up and frame so many prints before. I have now learnt how to make my own matts!!! (through a lot of trial and error)…

My house is half packed ready for the big move the following day. Couple of appointments out of town is going to slow me down a tad next week, but I’m near on top of it all

I’d like to thank all for your lovely comments, the hosts that have featured my work and organized some great challenges. (shame, I’ve missed a few) So sorry for the lack of comments on my behalf of late.

My features and challenge placements for the past fortnight……….

Featured in Western Australia Group, 12 Sept

Featured in Alphabet Soup, 12th Sept

Featured in the Woman Photogr

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