You say you know me
That you know what I’ve been through
Why, because you’re race, religion
How about you’re gender and occupation
Try growing up with
Sun kissed white blondes
Eyes so blue
That the sky can’t even compare
Milky white skin
And superficies ideas of perfection
Because I was the only
Espresso colored hair
Chocolate eyed red skin
I had crosses burned on my lawn
Nooses hung in my trees
Sitting in the pews
In my Sundays best dress
With my tiny Sienna colored hands
Steeped in prayer
He says I’m the sin
Because I’m half and half
Trying not to let others see me cry
The tears of my pain
And the pain of my ancestors
Whose land was taken
Women raped and abandoned
Once a womb full of love
Of a home she once might have had
Now holds a child
Half Indian half English
Will be born to a world
Where he claims no father
And his name will be silence
But hey for your troubles
We’ll give you some land
And a few rows of corn
But first you must survive
Disease and famine
And travel a trail
That many will die on
And unnecessary tears will be shed
The moon will turn red
With all the blood that was shed
And the ocean will bow
At the feet of these people
Fore even he couldn’t have held
All the tears that where shed
But hey I am suppose to be
An alcoholic, gambler and blind
But I’m just the Indian next door
Put down by race and religion
With a star with in a circle
On a silver single chain
People see and assume Satanism
I don’t believe in your god
So ho could I believe in your devil
Sometime ago
Christians once said
Hey you know that symbol means this
And we celebrate that holiday to
You think it’s a coincidence
We dye Easter eggs on Ostra
Like you do on Easter
Halloween is the day demons
Can cross your thin veil
Well on All Hallows Eve
Our veil is thinned
And we can be closest to our ancestors
Christmas trees are decorated
And presents are given
What a coincidence
We do the same
Similar names same celebration
Christians ripped the pentagrams
From our necks
Took our Goddess away
And said we were wrong
And to believe in their cross
If you didn’t, burn at the stake
One thing never realized
Because of humanities ignorance
Witches burn just the same
As god loving Christians
Innocent people lost
For punishments unneeded
Both pagans and Christians alike
But hey I’m suppose to be
Dancing by a fire
Smearing virgins blood on my face
And chanting to your demons
But I’m just a girl
Standing in line next to you
With a star on my neck
Put down because of
Race religion and gender
I am every little girl
With out any innocence left
Forced to grow up
Knowing the sickest men’s ill of heart
I am every teenage girl
Who starved herself
For that perfect size
Perfect height
Perfect hair
Hours of getting ready and still not
Pretty enough
Skinny enough
Shit, just plain not enough
I am every woman
Abused, bruised, burned
And spirit is broken and shattered
Thrown away like yesterdays trash
I am married at fifteen
If the pedigree is good
And pregnant at sixteen
I am the women
Who stood by her man
Through lies, abuse, and forced sex
Because divorce wasn’t an option
I am single mother
Forced to work four jobs
And still can’t afford
To put enough food on the table
I am the abortion
In a back alley
Brown van and a man
Who does not speak English?
Because it was illegal
End result, death
Due to hemorrhaging, infection
And oops,
I left the hanger in you
I am the women who couldn’t
Vote, speak or get a job
Why because I’m women
I am burned bras
And every female who got an education
I am one step forward
Two steps back
Left right and turn around
Just to end up being told
I’m sorry you’re just women
I’m suppose to be weak willed
Barefoot, pregnant, and washing dishes
But hey I’m just a female
Fighting for her place in this world
Put down because of
Race, religion, gender and occupation
I am just a Soldier doing her job
And going to where she is told
You hang your ribbons
Put bumper stickers on your car
Those are empty acts of patriotism
Only the family of the Soldiers
Seem to ever be sincere
And some of them are questionable
Some one once asked
How can you fight in a war for oil
Hold up
Wait one
Last time I checked
I was fighting for their people
People say the government brainwashed us
And the president fed us lies
To get us to do what he wants
You think
BET MTV NBC CNN and your local news
Knows more about our job
The role we play over there
Hey we’re just killing innocent people
How is that any different
Than the militias
Running our streets
Killing for a cement corner
Drugs and supposedly hoes
Wait what was the last
Oh because a rap song said it was cool
But hey go ahead and judge us
Our nation has gotten where it is today
Because of the blood shed
On the battle field of yesterday
So don’t give us false sincerities
Just shake your head in disapproval
And get on with your day
But hey I’m suppose to be blood thirsty
But I’m just a Soldier
Doing what she is told
Put down because of
Race religion gender and occupation
We owe each other no apologies
But our ancestors do
We need to clasp hands
And remember where we come from
And accept each other for who we are
And leave it at that
Religion is just a way
Of bettering our lives
A man and a woman both deserve equality
A job is just that a job
Now that I am done
Preaching these words
I’ll put down my pen
Push aside my paper
And take action
For those speak louder
Than any word I have ever written



Leesville, United States

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Artist's Description

I once sat down and thought about all those who believe we owe apologies for the mistakes our ancestors made, but in the end only our ancestors owe apologies to each other not, and this is the poem that came from that thought process

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