Marjorie Wallace

Lacey, United States

Cameras and photography captured my interest years ago as a child with my little Brownie. The cameras have changed over the years until...


Bella’s story and animal rescue

It was that instant heart connection that happens and we know that Destiny has brought us together.

First Goodbye…

I feel your warm breath on my cheek…

Jewels on my Katsura Tree

… the lights illuminate the raindrops


… he looked up and saw that it was me, a welcoming light came into his eyes.

Delayed Flight

His skin was golden and smooth and his eyes were dancing with mischief. Would I like to go on a ride with him on his new motorcycle?


…and in my dream within a dream / we are out among the lilies / and dancing by the light of the moon

Surviving against adversity

I spent many hours watching the continuation of life in my yard…

My Grandmother’s Garden

…the sun and the rain nourished the seeds until they popped out of their shell and began their journey…


Being an Artisan is a calling that when answered is more satisfying than anything else…

What I have learned so far…

The sweetest fruit is often at the end of the limb… / The laughter of children is music to the heart… / I have the God given ri…


She feels as if her heart is being torn from her body. She cannot breathe. Her life has become a nightmare that she can barely walk out of.

Sequim ~ The Provence of America

I saw rolling farmlands in this lush valley…

Divine coincidence

A hummingbird circles, gathering food and nourishment for the long cold days ahead. In the silence, the flag is unfolded….


I feel blessed by a special friendship during childhood with a boy who I adored and not only loved me in the sweetest of ways, but that he …

Memorial for my folks

We have gathered here today to celebrate the lives of our parents, Kathryn, Dan and Lisle.

Winds of Change

…but I also seem to sense a fresh and cleansing breeze will be embracing the world

My Christmas Treasures

… but the sight of these treasures triggers thoughts of Christmases past…

Reflections on Carmel-by-the-Sea

…feelings of euphoria entered my consciousness as I peeled back layer upon layer of my dream town….

The Answer Within

My thoughts / slip through my fingers / like a million grains of sand

The true gift

…that first tiny little step will start the process that only a true artist who has been spoken to, recognises.

The Golden Rose ~ Chapter 1

As I leaned back and drifted into the memory, I felt all of the years fall away and he came into my mind like it was only yesterday.

The Golden Rose ~ Chapter 2

I would smell the fresh scent of his skin and was intoxicated just from being so close to him.

The Golden Rose ~ Chapter 3

The diamond sparkled in the candlelight and the look in his eyes made my heart take wings. …


About Dad… When you grow up with a “quiet man” you learn all about the things they DON’T say. You learn almost how to decipher their…
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