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Scoatish ‘Dick’shunary an’ thesawrus. 2,329 views-108-comments-an-27-favouritings-Updated version easier to read. -a-key-to-the-scoattish-language-tae-help-unnerstond-joak-233-an--mair


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Body image of a yung Auld Yin supplied by The Auld Yin.

Arrrr yea lonesum tonicht,
dae yea miss meh tonicht?
Arrrrr yea sorry we drefted apert?
Dis yer memory stray tae a brichter sunny day
When A’ kissed yea an’ called yea sweethert?
Dae the chairs in yerr paarler seem empty an’ bare?
Dae yea gaze at yer dooorestep an’ pictur meh there?
Is yer hert fulled way pain, shull I cum back again?
Tell me Bonny lass, arrrrrr yea lonesome tonicht?
I wonder if yer lonesome tonicht
You ken somewan said that the wurld’s a stage
An’ each mist play a pert.
Fate hid meh playin’ in luv yea as my sweet hert.
Act yin wis whin we met, I luved yea at furst glance
Yea read yer line so cleverly an’ niver missed a cue
Then came act two, yea seemed tae change an’ yea acted strange
An’ why I’ll niver ken.
Honey, yea lied whin yea said yea luved me
An’ I hid no cause tae doubt yea.
But I’d rather gae on hearing yer lies
Thin gae oan living withoot yea.
Now the stage is bare an’ I’m stonding there
Way emptiness all aroond
An’ if yea winnie cum back tae me
Thin they kin bring the curtain doon.

Is yerr hert fulled way pain, shull I cum back again?
Tell me Bonny Lass, arrrrrrrrrrrrr’ yea lonesome tonicht?

Wurds spellin’ an’ gramer spoked by The Auld Yin

Key to the Scottish language. Only a few key words to help the understanding
of the big sook ( mammy’s boy) joak.the motto is “If you can’t beat them join them.”
This I hope will help tereza and Linda and all Red Bubblers from total frustration.
The Auld Yin.
joak the big sook way the funny legs an’ big erse an’ puffy eyes. ‘Nearest thing we have to a national hero.joak

The Mooth frae Grangemooth
Joaks Bonny Dugs The brains o’ the family, besides his Bonny wife an’ dochter.

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Just published Wurds an’ poums frae ma wee brain

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Just published Red Bubble Artists. My comments on their Genius Creations
All profits will be donated to the RSPCA.
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Coming soon. Hamish an’ ither Haggis. About Haggisies frae aw o’er the wurld an’ their mooth waaterin’ recipes.

Edinburgh..very posh an’ edicated City

Aye a’ cum frae Edinburgh.A’ Hope a no offen you way this wee Dickionary.We are jist tryin(some say am’ very tryin’) to help the unnderstonding of the pure english spoked in scotland.These kind R.Bubblers whay yea see here are a great help in this very necessary endeavour tae further yer edication.



Wee Cathy ailias KatyMcKay

Robin Brown Nutter
Auld Reekie..Ediburgh
St Andrews..just as posh as Edinburgh;hoo aboot that Katy a guid crawl eh?
*A’.. I
Ain.. own
‘adewpearl’ .. Another word for Great writer and poet…adewpearl a poem by another name… Brooke
Allricht …From DonDavisUK…..allright
Aye.. I
Boufin…from DonDavisUK …Smelling
Bonny.. Beautiful
Bonny Lass..Any Lass from newborn to 100 plus….she’s gote a face like a weell skelped erse but she is stull a Bonny is skin deep what is underneath is the beautitul part
Bairn..Child ..wean… we are all jock thamson’s bairns
Bahookie…bum as in erse
Bante..Talk a lot of rubbish
Baws…Another name used by joak to describe his Hee Haws.
Birlin..DonDavis….Spinning.Don wias birlin. his
granddaughter around and around
Bubblyjock:.from Karl Williams;……A turkey are a proper blether.
Burdie..Wee burd
Bum.. Erse as in joak.bottom.sittin’ flaps.rear end….posterior
Blidy nora..“My goodness me” in Scottish
Beano…joak’s favourite magazine (Scottish Comic with lots of pictures)
Baw Bees…FromMike Oxley.Scottish for money
But n’ Ben..Wee hoose
Ben the room.In the next room
Blootered..Plastered ie,Drunk beyond recognition. Called Joak syndrome!
Blether..fom Edinburgh ..intellectual conversation, elsewhere .. mindless
Barr’s Irn Bru..From MIkeOxley..nectar of the gods
Buggerlugs …From MIkeOxley..term of endearment
Boggle ..From MikeOxley. the fruit of nose mining ‘Had some o’ auld Jennie’s mince and tatties. It wis like eatin’ a plate o’ biled boggles’
Breeks..Nickers ..could be troosers.
Canny ..From MikeOxley. cunning “Canny sod, that yin. Wurks a’ day, daein’ naething. Whit a skiver!”
Chap..GrandmaMattie..To chap on a door.. to knock.. Did yea no hear me chappin’ oan the door yea daft auld bugger?

Crivens..Goodness me
Claymore..Big blidy Scottish sword(Hidden by the Auld Yin)
Ca’..From mikeOxley…call
Chuffed ..From MikeOxley.proud, happy. “A wis fair chuffed wi ma big jobbie!”
Clipe….From MikeOxley.. tell tale
Crookit..Bent.not joaks funny legs
Crappie.. Crappy..crap..rubbish
Deeth..From DonDavisUK.death
Decko..From DonDavis.look .as in have a decko
Didnae..Did not
Darlin ..FromDonDavisUK.Darling
Dreekit..Yer aw dreekit son did yea git caught in the rain?
Doric..Scottish vernacular
Erse…Polite Scots for bum
Fekin…Non articulate rude adjective used mainly by big silly buggers
Fart..Fart if quiet
Farrrrt..Fart loud,you have to role your r r r,s farrrrrrrrt
Fart joak…When you have large erse. VERY exceptional as in ,joaks
Fash.. Don’t get excited. .dinny fash yersel lassy!
Fart Sack..from MikeOxley… bed “Ach, it’s guy late an Ahm off tae mah wee fart sack”
Gramer… Grammar……whit iver that means,, used by The Auld Yin sumtimes whin stoatin’ drunk.. Shat yer mooth wummin’ am as jober as a Sudge:
Greetin’ Teenie..From MikeOxley…constant whiner
Grangemooth.Another word meaning uncouth.. Uncultured place west o’ Edinburgh. A place joak dreams aboot .
Glaekit…From MIke Oxley.adj. of lesser intelligence, slow on the uptake. Anyone not from Edinburgh
greetin..From KatyMcKay.crying
Gawp…From MikeOxley..stare open-mouthed “Whit are ye gawpin’ at, hen? Never seen a willie afore?”
Hen…From DonDavisUK.Woman {as Hin, how are you doing
my wee hen?}
Huntigoot..A game of hide and seek the scottish way.The searcher calls out to the hiding participants " cum oot cum oot yer face is like a washing cloot"
Hurdies..MikeOxley..the buttocks. “The buttocks”!!!!!
Whit’s wrang wi’ airse???
Hee Haws…Whit joak caws his tiny wee dangly bits.Ma wee wife kicked me in the Hee Haws; noo am fair buggered a am. Joaks a’ways braggin’ aboot things he wished he had.
Haund…From DoreenPhillips.hand
Havers …From MikeOxley. talking rubbish
High "B’…Intelligent,sensible,patriotic,the oposite to yuchy person that supports the HIBS at Easter road
Jings…‘Goodness me’
Joak….Big silly bugger .or joke. A Scoatsman says to his wife, “whit wid yea dae if I won Lotto?’ She says,”I’d tak half, then leave yea.’
‘Excellent,’ he replies, ‘I won $12 , here’s $6 – noo bugger oaf.
Jam Piece….From DonDavisUK. jam sandwich with no butter
Jambo…An idiot that supports Hearts football team or any one west of Easter road Edinburgh.
Jambo…A person that’s not right in the head
Jambo…Another word for yuch.
keich…From joak.Scottish word for shite
Kick the can. A game of hide and seek ; where if one participant still in hiding can kick the can he will release all captured.The can is placed in the middle of any clearing
Karen Hull..A word that describes excellence to the enth degree a word to descibe perfection of the Arts. Click here for Karen Hull
Lang…Long… in joak’s tongue
Lugs….From MikeOxley..ears
Lynda Robinson….Scoatish wurd fur WOW Click here for Lynda Robinson
Lee Anne Carver…Describes excellance in wunnerful phoaties.Click here for Lee anne Carver
Tapetless…MikeOxley….headless, silly
Thingie..Used in reference to joaks wee wee tiny wee body part in the middle o’ his Hee Haws. Totally invisable during cold weather.
Mahoose …From Karl Williams… where I live;
Matoon …..From Karl Williams….the urban centre in which mahoose is situated;
Mingin’….Smelly.Jings you feet are mingin’
Muckle …Fom MikeOxley… people from Edinburgh have muckle brains
Nooowhosfura…From DonDavisUK when asking someone if they would like a drop of Amber fluid.Whisky.
Natter ….From MikeOxley.. same as blether
Numpty…Useless individual
Onybidy….Any body
Och!…From joak..Scottish exclamation!!!
Oan yer bike Jimmy.. Piss aff.
Palaver…Fom DonDavis mucking about.stop all that palavering you!
Paughty…MikeOxley…pompous, haughty
Penicuik….A wee Bonny place jist ootside Edinburgh where Lynne Morris cums frae.
Pole-ise …From DonDavisUK. Police {but pronounced pole-ise}
Poke..Paper shaped into a cone…used in sweetie shops and fish and chip shops.
Pagger…From DonDavisUK.. Fight {as in, A wis paggerd near to deeth bi thon gang}
Parliamoglesca…From Karl Williams..Excuse me, my man, but do you understand the local vernacular?
Peely wallie….Peekit looking… look Peely wally the day whits wrang son dae yea no feel richt?
Peekit…Off colour….pinched face..yea look Peekit hen, are yea a wee bit tired?
Unnerston’…Understand, something you cannot relate to.. joak.
Reek…Smells terrible
Rebecca Weston…Anither name fur Brammer poums. Click here for Rebecca Weston
Slàinte… from MrCool—Dave..It means literally “Good Health”
Scunnered ….From KatyMcKay.fed up..a’m put off with you.av’ got the cows dung with you.
Scrappies…Fish and chip shops scraps of fish an ‘chips and whatever. Kin a’ have a poke o’ scrappies av’ only got a penny?
Shanina Conway…….. Means gobsmacked… stuck fur wurds tae describe amazin’ Art.Click here for Shanina’s portfolio
Skellum….MikeOxley……. A scullion, worthless fellow
Sassenach …From MikeOxley.. anyone not from Edinburgh
Safties…From KatyMcKay.Soft person. yer saft in the heid
Summer… Whin the sun cums oot..Furst an’ second July.
Indian Summer… Whin the sun cums oot mair than three times in a row.
Sully bugger….joak
Lang summer….A fenominum…In yer dreams Jimmy.
Shite…Polite Scottish description, a compliment. Similar to cow dung
Spellin’…Spelling an unknown word to joak
Steamie…Public Laundry
Sook…Mammy’s boy
Sojer’s….From MikeOxley..Soldier
Slaverin’s….Articulations by joak and the Auld Yin.
Scruff…From DonDavisUK…untidy
Stoor …From MikeOxley…dirt
Scunnerd…Fed up…like joaks scunnered with the Auld Yin
Shitehawk….From MikeOxley. seagull
Shite …From joak the big Pixie. Scoatish endearment from joak tae The Auld Yin. .. Yer a wee Embra’ shite.
Stoatin’…As in in staggering drunk.. a problem originating in Grangemooth.
Sleekit….From MikeOxley… underhanded, sneaky “Ah wouldnae trust yon sleekit wee bugger wi’ the ship’s cat”
Skelp ….From MikeOxley..slap “Stap yer clipin’ or Ah’ll skelp yer airse”
Skiver …From MikeOxley… allergic to work
Smirr …From Karl Williams… the kind of rain which gets everywhere;
Teuchie…Chirpin’ as in Wee teuchy burdie traw law law laid an’ egg oan the windy saw, when that egg began tae crack,the wee teuchie burdie roared and grat’
Thon…..From DonDavisUK..that
Taughty..Ffrom DoreenPhillips ..high scottish for Tattie (potato) spoken with nose held high
Teuchter …From MIke Oxley… from the Gaelic “teuch”, meaning tough, hence anyone from Edinburgh
The Auld Yin….A Wee shite according to joak aka Alex Gardiner..Also very intelligent person from Edinburgh.
Troos….Fom MikeOxley..short shorts worn under the kilt, for the purpose of not scaring the public
Troosers …..From MIkeOxley.. as in “Donald where’s yer’s”
Tattie Boggle…From MikeOxleyllllllllllscarecrow “Yon stoorie bugger cam tae the weddin’ aw dressed up like a tattie boggle. Glaekit git.”
Tattie Boggle..Also can be a potato made up like a hedgehog using hunners o’ matchsticks
Waater..Lots of Water
Waaaaaaater..Muckle ( humungus) lots of water
Wellies..From Mike Oxley..Scottish national dress
Wheeshed..quiet.Hud yer wheeshed or a’l lam yer bum
Wee calf..Small coo, or anither wurd fur a weeks holiday.
Twa wee calfs..A fortnights holiday.
Weelno..Will not
Wee shite…Used by joak as a Scottish endearment to The Auld Yin.
Wouldnay…From DondavisUK .wouldn’t
Wurk…Work ..Something joak would like you to believe he does.
Wisnae….was not
Whingin’… Whining.complaining unnecessary.Like joak talking tae the Auld Yin fur no asking his permission tae dae this Dicktionary.
Willie…From MikeOxley….a laddie’s thingie. “Hey, Jeannie! The wind lifted yon sojer’s kilt an Ah seen his willie. Wisnae wearin’ the troos. Muckle willie it wis, tae. Must be frae Edinburgh!”
Yon…From MikeOxley…..that
Yuchy…A word that describes a Jambo perfectly
236 wurds sae far*.

I will add mair if this is no enuf tae lern yea aw’. Which means; This is an’ oan going list updated by me or by suggestions frae you.
The Auld Yin.
This is me and ma’ wee wife Gillian.
The Auld Yin.

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