back with you RB

So after a frustrating and unplanned time in everyones favorite place – hospital, I’m back…..thought I would write this as there is so much good stuff I have missed i am sure. Bascically I got a nasty throat infection which threatened to stop me breathing for a while and eating and drinking was out for a a few days- ‘(supraglottitis’ if anyone interested.) So i spent a good few days in hospital whilst the staff got their heads round it, and did ‘tests’. Got me thinking (brain now going into ramble mode):

this is the first time was submitted to a hospital – visited a few in the last few months for various reasons, but never really been properly ill. maybe obvious that this triggers the immortality etc…thoughts fine. But more than that I got to thinking this place is horrid. In fairness it was actually pretty good – clean, well staffed, well equiped etc..but being in a ward with older gentlemen who were very ill kinda frigthened me a bit. I guess the only real conclusion to all this is that I never want to go back, and that anyone spending time there I now have a huge sympathy for.

I’ll leave it there as my little brain is heading to dark places, of no interest to anyone. Suffice to say i missed this little bubble of my life, and will do my best to look at what I can.



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