Blue Mountains Meetup

Hi all,

Well rather than individually reply to every post I though I’d write up a new journal entry.

For those requesting a different weeked, unfortunately I won’t be around the weekend before or quite a few of the ones following; so it’s either now or never – well not never

For the time being I’ll make it the 15th (the Saturday) which leaves me to do my uni work – like the good boy I am – on the Sunday. But if there are some diehards who want to do both days I’m sure I’ll be easily coerced!

Now for some skeleton details:

- I’m thinking meet up at Wentworth Falls early-ish morning (it’ll be up to you – I only live 2 minutes away!)

- For safety and convenience I’ll have to limit out-of-towners numbers to 15

- Basics to bring will be water, sturdy footwear, a warm jacket or jumper, a raincoat of some descript – even if it’s sunny when you leave home – and of course your gear, incl. tripod if you have one!

- Any walking will be limited to not more than 20 minutes (one way – plenty of time to rest while photographing ;-) ) and easy grades

So if you want to come along, put your name down and I’ll add you to the list.

To get up here is very easy by car, pain in the neck by train – but do-able, I make the trip to Sydney almost every day and night of the week. I’m not too sure about getting around; as I said, I can fit four at a squeeze so it would be handy if a there were a few more cars up here.

Well that’s about it!



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