Who is an artist, as posed by Pilgrim

Art is not about how others JUDGE our work, but about how others EXPERIENCE our work. Aren’t we trying to capture how a sunset makes us feel, rather than capture the literal sunset before our eyes? If I’m watching a sunset with tears streaming down, are those tears because I’m seeing beauty, or because all too soon that beauty will be gone forever? Hopefully, my art will tell you, in the privacy of your soul. I don’t think we have to create anything for the critics, they have their place and, like buzzards, will find what they need to survive. If I create something that resonates within you, then I am an artist, that’s all that matters. Because isn’t art about communication? It’s certainly not about gaining praise – but instead about plucking a string within ourselves that vibrates in the soul of another. If I succeed in reaching out from my individual experience and sharing my essence on a personal level with you, then I have accomplished my mission, and art exists.

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  • Elizabeth Duncan