“No matter what, we will always survive.” he spoke to me with his chin resting upon his hand.I noticed how his eyes now reflected a light shimmering blue to me as he spoke.
I smile at him softly and lightly as I reply back to him, ‘Surviving doesn’t work for me,but living does."
I found myself reflecting upon my own words late last night as awaited slumber failed to reach me. ’Surviving is only for the meek whom only do enough to just get by with."
I thought back to our predawn dawn days and the promises we made as we laid entwined amongst the ship of paisley.

There are many that we made, but due to the fact that I am a woman who is in seriouse love with this man I have held them all close to my heart.

We promise to raise the ‘bar’ the standards to us. To always even in doubts be they ours or even the others to always do our best and continue to raise them. To invest, every day into each other. To always put the other one first no matter what when it came to us and to love unyeilding and ever so unconditionally even if we faced adverse conditions."

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