Getting Started

My little shop is just starting out, but expect more to come.
I have a LOT of drawings and photos that I would like to upload as merchandise, stored electronically over the years.
I’ve always wanted to make an impact on people. My dream is to help others cope with their depression by connecting with them through my art. Maybe there will be a photograph or drawing that you would love to bring with you in order to give yourself some inner peace throughout your busy day.
I’m a perfectionist, and a harsh critic. There are not enough photos that capture the lighting as well as it should, so my photographs are mostly during sunrise or sunset. My favorite thing to do is capture fleeting moments when the sun rays are actually exposed as light shafts of various forms, or how the colors are just right in that landscape.
As for drawings, I go through depression sometimes because I am a rape survivor, so you will see a lot of my venting done through art.
I would say my happy subjects to bring myself peace are through photography, and my darker subjects I hand make as drawings or sometimes paintings.
To all of you who feel alone: I love you, and I believe you.

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