Leigh Rust

Pakenham, Australia

I work in and teach most mediums, with my main medium being pastel. I also make my own range of pastels called RustyTones

An insight to being an Untamed Artist

Hi everyone. my name is Leigh Rust and I am the founder of the Untamed Artist Network. I formed the network not only to help wildlife artists overcome issues such as quality reference materials but also to raise funds for wildlife conservation through the sale of our work.

As a wildlife artist I am very sensitive to the issue of survival for many species. Much of the animal kingdom is made up of creatures which we could learn a great deal from.

Many animals such as meerkats have a very unselfish attitude sadly lacking in our society these days. They look out for one another, protect each other from predators and help rear the young as a group.

In Borneo one of our close relatives, the orangutans are being forced from their environment as big business destroys the forests for palm oil.

Where are these animals going to be in 20 years time?

Small efforts like sponsoring an orangutan cost very little but can make a large difference to the survival of the species in the wild. If we look at the plight of the animals as being in third world conditions then it is easier to relate to the problems they face.

I’m out to make a difference. These creatures inspire me. I want to see them survive so I make a point of giving something back when I can.

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