*** Another tip for fellow bubblers ***

Today I went to the shopping centre in town as there is a machine that prints out business cards. While waiting for RB to start producing them I decided to get started with some from the machine. It took me about 10 minutes to design the card. In fact I did 2 different ones, the first one I will be putting in with the cards that I am hoping to sell through a local shop and the second card is one that I can personally give to people after explaining all about RB.

I printed 20 cards first to see what they were like, it took 4 minutes to print them out and it cost me £2, oh and they were colour ones.
I was pleased with them so I printed another 50 of the first design, they took 9 minutes to print them out and cost me £4. I them printed 50 of the second design which also cost £4.

So I ended up with 120 cards at a cost of £10 and they took a total of 22 minutes to printout.

See below:

Card 1 to go in with the card

Card 2 to be given out personally

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