** Happy New Year & Happy Birthday to the twins **

I was born on 1 January 1961 Sharon White and 20 minutes later my twin sister Lorraine White followed. Happy 47th birthday Lorraine, I love you!!! I have put together a few photos, hope you find them interesting

Just a few months old, I am on the right

Approx 1972 in Spain on our annual family holiday

1976 Living in South Africa
I am 3rd from the left and Lorraine is on the far right

Nov 1978 and 8 months pregnant with Grahame, living back in the UK

Nov 1980 Lorraine & me, back in South Africa

Grahame & Katie approx 1999

Lorraine approx 2006
She’s gonna kill me when she sees this pic….LOL

Sharon (that’’s me) 2006

  • Finally it would appear that I get my photography thing from my Dad’s side, his elder brother used to take photos, develope them, and he also had a shop. He died a few years ago but my aunt dug out a photo of an advertising billboard of his photography business it was taken some time in the 1960’s.

    All that is left to say is HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE

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