Fooled again..........

Hello Bubblers,

Well Christmas over for another year and back to work today for a few hours. Some will have had a good christmas with family and friends, some a nice quiet christmas relaxing from the hustle and bustle of normal work life, and sadly for some a time to weep for loved ones lost at this time of year. (RIP Axel) or the feeling of being alone and no one to share with. Then we all at some point click and enter into Red Bubble and it’s wonderful community of warm caring friends all over the world and gently we are soothed in the knowledge that no matter what good or bad we can come here and wonder over the amazing talent in all aspects of creativity and know that if we want to talk or not be alone there is always someone to communicate with. Thank you to all the friends I have already made here and to the ones I’ve yet to cross paths with. I wish you all a better 2008 in your work and personal life.

Finally, I would like to say I was fooled yet again, I opened my Red Bubble this morning and was excited to find I had sold 10 cards, I couldn’t believe my good fortune………….until I suddenly remembered I had ordered them myself using my Red Bubble Gift Certificate that my sister gave me for christmas…………….. am feeling rather sheepish, especially as it’s not the first time I have done that.
N.B. Note to myself….do not order own cards before going to bed (hehehhehe!!!)

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