Update on Mum

Hi Bubblers

Managed to speak to the docotrs finally, they said that Mum had a mild stroke, all the tests came back clear apart from 2 that they have misplaced for the moment.

In the meantime Mum has manged to eat and keep it down, she’s able to sit up for a while, still shaky on her legs and suffering dizzy spells but she looks so much better than Friday when it all kicked off. She doesn’t remember much about that day……… not surprising really.

She certainly gave us a scare………. the hospital is not in a rush to discharge her for a few days at least. So I’m busy visiting her in the evenings while my sister and Dad go in the afternoon. Fingers crossed she may be able to come home at the weekend.

I showed Mum all your kind wishes and comments last night and she asked me to thank you all very much for thinking of her. xxxxxxxx

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