Mum back in hospital

Hi Bubblers

I went to Mum’s for coffee this morning and she suddenly became very ill, dizzy,sick,clammy,sweating,couldn’t stand, pain between shoulder blades. I phoned for an ambulance and have spent most of the day with her there, she was put on drip to give her fluids as she has gone back to looking like a frail old lady again.

They have taken her blood from arm and wrist, done a heart trace given her chest x-rays etc. I can’t fault the NHS and the staff are amazing. My twin sister is with her now waiting for doc to get test results and then to let us know what is happening.

I came home for a drink and something to eat and a nice shower to refresh me as the hospital was so warm. Anyway am waiting for call to either go back or to find out from Lorraine (my twin) what is wrong with her.

There were mutterings of possible mild heart attack but nothing for sure yet……. I’m scared for her…….. she looks so old and frail and lost in the hospital bed but at least she is where she will get the best care.

Till later good night/morning/evening bubblers

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