It's been a while

Hi Bubblers……it’s been a while since I wrote in my journal and things have been moving on. After months of seeing my Mum’s health get worse and worse and being scared that she suddenly seemed old and frail I was really worried about her. She is 71years old but has always been on the move, could never sit still and when I went round for my daily coffee she would have been up since the crack of dawn, out in the garden singing as she put washing on the line at about 6-00am and by the time I arrived at 8-00am would be on her 5-6 cup of tea…….. and from this I used to go and find her pale and withdrawn, sometimes crying, sat in her chair, still in her night clothes not having the will or interest to get dressed……… I can tell you it really scared the hell out of me, thought she had given up on life……and then a couple of weeks ago she went for a second opinion and he told her straight away what was wrong…..she was given blood transfusion,steroids and they fixed the burst blood vessels they found in her chest.

Now it’s like the last 6 months never happened….. I went for coffee this morning and she had the radio on , singing along…all the words in the wrong place…… I smiled to myself and thought welcome back Mum, I love you. :)) XXX

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