Funny old day

Hi Bubblers

It’s been a funny old day today, first day back at work after my holiday. My aches and pains from yesterdays mishap started to surface, I found my chair at work very hard for my rear and sore coccyx. I also found extra aches as I went about my work moving files and lifting them. Was glad to get home, LOL

I did have some good news today, my broken camera was delivered today all mended and didn’t cost me a penny. Was well worth taking out the extended warranty which I think cost £35 for 3 years. Obviously now I’ve had the camera fixed I no longer have any cover.

We had a stunning sunset this evening all pinks and red it was gorgeous, I didn’t get any pics though as I was picking my son up from work and I had for once forgotten my camera ……grrrrrrrrrrrr so no pics for me. I shall go for the sunrise in the morning.

So for now night Bubblers:)))))))

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