Ouch...... that hurt

Hi Bubblers,
I am struggling to sit at the computer and work on my photos today. I decided at 1-30am this morning to go downstairs and get myself a coffee. I took my cup with me, it still had the dregs from earlier. I got to the bottom of the stairs put one foot on the laminated floor and it was slippery, next thing I crashed to the floor my back hit the bottom step very hard catching me between the shoulders and winding me. I lay in a crumpled heap for a while covered in the coffee dregs. The cup was not broken LOL, my son came dashing down to help me up. I am relived to say I don’t appear to have broken anything but my back really hurts between my shoulders, think I’m gonna have a big bruise and my coccyx feels really sore. Apart from that I’m ok. Discovered it was my own fault when I cleaned up yesterday and washed the floor over I used the wrong clening stuff and it made the floor slippery. I have since washed it again with plain hot water.

Anyway I have done a few more photos so will upload them in a while. Have a great evening Bubblers

Sharon xxx

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